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Increased demands on water quality and the recasting of the EU drinking water directive are placing additional demands on water companies. Environmental changes cause variation in source water quality due to flooding or drought which can require rapid localised treatment to maintain quality for the consumer. Our engineering team have developed bespoke filtration solutions with the additional flexibility of the option to rent when environmental conditions dictate additional treatment is required.

Need a flexible solution for resilience planning

Need a flexible solution for resilience planning?

If you are responsible for the assets required to ensure the continuous supply of high-quality drinking water during environmental upsets such as droughts and flooding our flexible containerised filtration systems could be of real benefit. The plug and play solutions can be configured for the removal of multiple contaminants depending on what the problem is at a specific location.

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Turbidity specification not being achieved?

The proposed limits of 0.3 NTU in the recasting of the drinking water directive 98/86/EU may leave your current system struggling to maintain performance. This more stringent limit is not onerous if the filtration system is designed and maintained properly. On-line measurements are required for facilities producing over 10,000m3/day and action needs to be taken when out of spec. We have provided many systems that satisfy this increased water quality in the form of fixed installations and mobile skids.

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Turbidity specification not being achieved
Customers suffering grey discolouration of water at the tap

Customers suffering grey discolouration of water at the tap?

Limits on manganese of 50ppb given by the DWI in the UK are based on visible contamination. It has been shown that levels as low as 2ppb at the water treatment works can still result in manganese precipitating out through the distribution network leading to discolouration at the consumers premises. We have worked closely with water authorities to develop a cartridge filter system that can reduce levels below detectable limits.

Manganese Removal Case Study

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Problems with Crypto?

Heavy rains and flooding can cause water run-off from contaminated land into catchment areas causing sporadic problems with cryptosporidium. Monitoring for contamination along with a multibarrier approach is recommend. Our range of DWI certified filters can be installed in the event of an outbreak to remove oocysts in the water and quickly bring supplies back on-line.

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Problems with Crypto
Short term quality problems

Short term quality problems?

Disruption to distribution pipework or quality from smaller sources such as boreholes can often give short term supply problems. It may not be practical or viable to look at upgrading at the main treatment works. Sometimes problems in remote areas will have to solved using more local treatment solutions. We can provide cost effective permanent systems based on cartridge filtration or provide skid systems for short term rental.

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Need a cost-effective way to remove chlorine before discharge?

There are occasions when previously chlorinated water needs to be discharged into the water course following start up or if the water is out of specification. In these cases, to prevent damage to the environment and wildlife the chlorine must be removed. Compact systems based on activated carbon cartridge can prove to be a cost-effective solution. 

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Need a cost-effective way to remove chlorine before discharge
Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


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