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Municipal water

Remove contamination risks and improve the efficacy of your municipal water treatment process.

We know you need a reliable, economical, and high-quality water treatment process to meet water quality demands. Factors such as the EU drinking water directive and rising water quality standards continue to impact water companies. More so, environmental changes can affect source water quality due to flooding or drought, creating challenges that require rapid localised water treatment.

Our engineering team develop bespoke municipal water treatment solutions for you. Or you can rent a solution from us when environmental conditions dictate additional treatment is required.

Flexible solutions for water resilience

Our flexible, plug-and-play containerised filtration systems can be configured to remove multiple contaminants, ensuring municipal water resilience, fast. Helping you supply high-quality water during environmental upsets, such as a drought or flood.


Meet water turbidity specifications

At Amazon Filters, we have years of experience supplying systems that improve municipal water quality. Whether in the form of a fixed installation or mobile skid, our solutions comply with strict drinking water directions, such as the 98/96/EU, that set turbidity limits at 0.3 NTU.


Stop municipal water discolouration

Are your customers suffering from grey discolouration of water at the tap? We’re trusted by leading water authorities to design municipal water treatment solutions that reduce manganese levels below detectable limits. Even when levels as low as 2ppb can still result in manganese precipitating out through the distribution network.


Expertise that meets water quality expectations

At Amazon Filters, we help you meet and exceed water quality specifications in your business.


Get effective cryptosporidium treatment

Cryptosporidium poses significant risks to the municipal water treatment process. Our range of DWI certified filters can be installed in the event of an outbreak to remove oocysts in the water and quickly bring supplies back on-line.


Fix short-term municipal water quality problems

Disruption to water quality or distribution pipework can create short-term supply problems. To overcome this quickly, we can provide short-term rental skid systems or cost-effective permanent solutions depending on your needs.


Remove chlorine from municipal water

Our compact systems based on activated carbon cartridges can remove chlorine from water, without damaging the environment or wildlife. This lets you discharge previously chlorinated water into the watercourse following start-up, or if the water is out of specification.

Waste water into river

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By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

Case study

Major municipal water supplier

A water supply company identified nine critical boreholes that were at risk of producing water with high turbidity.

See how our municipal water treatment system helped to avoid sub-standard water reaching households.

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