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Depth Filters

SupaSpun II

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SupaSpun II precision graded density filter elements are a further development of our already well proven absolute rated depth type filter. These high performance cartridges excel in dirt holding capacity and give extremely low clean pressure losses as a result of the strictly controlled manufacturing of the fibre matrix. They are an ideal replacement for Pall Profile II* filters.

SupaSpun II filter cartridges are produced using an improved manufacturing process resulting in the following features:

  • Absolute Rated Filter Media
  • Range of removal ratings from 0.3 to 180µm
  • Available in polypropylene or nylon 6
  • Consistent reliable performance

Unique Construction

  • One piece high strength support core
  • High void volume, resulting in low clean Δp and excellent dirt holding capacity
  • End cap welded direct to the core for extra security and strength
  • Thermally bonded fibre matrix minimises fibre migration
  • One piece construction up to 1524mm (60”)
  • SupaSpun II Advantage grade featuring moulded end caps and rigid outer support cage
  • Optional glass filled core and end caps for high strength / temperature applications


Product Features

  • 100% polypropylene or nylon 6
  • Materials meet US FDA Title 21 and USP Class VI requirements (PP Only)capacity
  • WRAS listed and Reg 31 approved version for use in UK potable water supplies (PP only)

SupaSpun II fibres are blown continuously onto a central support core, with fibre diameters controlled to produce different pore sizes throughout the extrusion process. All the layers are inter-linked to offer maximum support while ensuring that the high void volume is maintained, but with increasing fibre density towards the cartridge central core – therefore resulting in true depth filtration.

Elements are available up to 1524mm (60”) in length, either double open ended or with most common end cap fittings.

Features and Benefits

  • Absolute removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance
  • Graded density structure for maximum dirt holding capacity
  • Increased void volume giving high flow rates and low initial pressure losses
  • Wide chemical compatibility using optional materials, polypropylene and nylon 6
  • Range of Absolute ratings (Beta Ratio 5000) from 0.3 to 180µm
  • Thermal bonding process minimises media migration and ensures minimal extractables
  • Identification data embossed on every cartridge
  • Advantage grade featuring moulded end caps and rigid outer support cage

*Pall and Profile are trademarks of Pall Corporation

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