16th Oct 2018

Tackling Water Turbidity

Turbidity is one of the critical measures of water quality and is used by both water supply companies and industry regulators to ensure the water clarity is acceptable to the consumers. 

European Water Quality Directives, the World Health Organisation and the Drinking Water Inspectorate in the UK specify what is required to ensure the water supplied is ‘wholesome’ and turbidity limits are typically set at <1 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) and often set at <0.5NTU

High turbidity can be caused by a number of factors, but whether the causes of specific cases of high turbidity are due to sediment build up from bore hole erosion, rainfall overflow, decomposed organic matter or plant material, it is essential to address sub-standard water issues as quickly as possible.

The consequences to a water company when producing water with high turbidity can be severe. Not only is there a genuine risk to health if the water reaches households but there are also significant financial consequences and the subsequent public relations challenges that will inevitably damage company reputation, value, trust and credibility.


One challenge a water company may face is that boreholes may be situated in locations that are less than ideal, potentially located where access is limited and the need for a standalone secure solution is required for example. Amazon Filters prides itself on simple solutions for complex issues, we have the capability to apply bespoke solutions to a multitude of scenarios… complex or simple. Challenges arise when standard, off-the-shelf solutions, are not practical due to restricted space or limited access to key sites. In order to address this particular challenge, we have developed special ‘Containerised or Static Enclosed Units’ that can offer much more flexibility due to their bespoke design, smaller size and fully functioning potential. At Amazon Filters, we understand that every site is different and that a bespoke solution is often the preferred option. We undertake thorough assessments to ensure that the right solution is identified, developed in house and implemented by our expert team.

The solution detailed above covered several sites, where Amazon designed and built and installed 4 enclosed units each containing 2 off 40 round horizontal 60 Series multi-cartridge housings with interconnecting pipework and isolating values. To ensure compliance, the housings were designed to take the 40 inch SupaSpun II R31 cartridges which are DWI Regulation 31 compliant. As safety and convenience are of great importance we ensure that internal lighting and heating systems are installed. In cases, where water companies must be reactive to eliminate the risk of high turbidity in the water supply, one strategy involves installing common connection valves into existing pipework so that mobile filtration equipment can be used to quickly address any issue. Amazon Filters can quickly and easily install a solution to existing water treatment systems to ensure a prompt response should an emergency arise.

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When higher than acceptable levels of turbidity are detected, a water company must act immediately. At Amazon Filters, we focus on being able to react quickly and efficiently when critical boreholes are identified as at risk of producing water with high turbidity. Further to a prompt response, we are focused on ensuring that all of our solutions incorporate DWI Regulation 31 compliant technology. Whether the solution is required to mitigate potential water quality issues or respond to critical levels of turbidity, we strongly believe that our enclosed filtration units featuring SupaSpun II R31 filters, can tackle your turbidity issues.

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