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Filter cartridges & capsules

See the exact specifications of our range of high-quality filtration products.

Filter Cartridges and Capsules

Amazon Filters is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cartridge and capsule filters. We offer a wide range of products to ensure we can supply the optimum system for each application.


Depth Filters

Amazon Filters offers a wide range of absolute and nominal rated depth filters using polypropylene or nylon 6. Filters can be supplied in standard format or as large diameter, high flow versions, with removal ratings ranging from 0.3 – 350 µm.


Pleated Filters

Amazon Filters provides pleated cartridges using a range of different media types including polypropylene, glass fibre, Halar and nylon mesh with absolute removal ratings ranging from 0.3 – 400 µm.


Membrane Filters

We are able to offer absolute rated pleated membrane filters with either hydrophilic polyethersulphone (PES), hydrophilic nylon 66 or hydrophobic PTFE media.


Capsule Filters

SupaPore and SupaSpun Capsules are fully disposable filter units for small and medium scale liquid and gas processing applications. They are ready-to-use, avoiding the need to purchase or maintain filter housings and are easy to change-out…



The SupaSep LGP solution uses highly efficient glass microfibre media to rapidly coalesce fine aerosols into larger droplets ready for separation. A patented meltblown drainage layer ensures quick separation and drainage of liquid, with fine inter-pleat…


Activated Carbon Filters

Amazon Filters supplies SupaCarb cartridges containing activated carbon that provide effective removal of contaminants in a clean and easy to use format. We offer products with sintered block or rolled felt activated carbon, either in standard…


SupaClean Filter System

The SupaClean filter system consists of our standard filter cartridges enclosed inside two sealed plastic bags. This results in the filters and any process fluids being contained inside a secure assembly, providing isolation of the product and filters.


Stainless Steel Filters

Where processes are most aggressive we offer both pleated and cylindrical SupaMesh filters that can be used in temperatures ranging from –150ºC to +300ºC and for differential pressures up to 25 bar in the normal flow direction. They are also available with optional outer guards where reverse flow or backwashing is required.


Filter Cartridge End Fittings

Double Open End (DOE) cartridges are designed to be open at both ends and rely on the sealing arrangement within the housing to close one end of the filter and so direct flow through the filter and out through the other end.