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Food and beverage filtration

See our innovative and economical filtration solutions for the food and beverage industry.


Governments are, understandably, driving continuous improvements in food safety. However, if you don't address this pragmatically, it will impact the production costs and profitability of your food and beverage production.

At Amazon Filters, we have years of experience in minimising the risk of contamination across the food and beverage filtration process. Our food and beverage filtration solutions are practical, affordable, and provide lifetime value. From base utilities such as process water filtration to ensuring the shelf life of your final product, we’re here to help.


Maintain the organoleptic qualities of your wine. We provide optimised filtration trains that will remove spoilage organisms while maintaining your signature taste. Amazon Filters supply filtration solutions through dedicated specialist partners that share your passion for wine, giving you the perfect balance of expertise and knowledge.


From enhanced trap filtration to the sterile filtration of beer, we can help to improve beverage filtration process efficiency, maintain that unique taste profile, and extend the shelf life of your product.


We can provide robust filtration solutions for water, steam, and gas that ensure your processes are problem-free. When you’re manufacturing dairy-based foods using defined cultures and microflora, contamination can impact quality and productivity. We identify and minimise these risks through a robust HACCP program that highlights filtration as a critical control point.

Soft drinks

The design and operation of your beverage filtration systems can amount to a significant percentage of overall costs. We’ll help you find the appropriate filtration system for your soft drink filtration process, and we’ll include cost-effective filter flushing and cleaning techniques to extend your in-service lifetime.

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