Bespoke Filter Housings

Housing designs that are fit for your purpose

Filter housing design may not be the first thing on your list of priorities when designing your new process or improving an existing one. However, the fact is that looking at a custom design can lead to many benefits including reduced production costs and enhanced health and safety for operators.

As one of the very few companies now able to quickly design and manufacture bespoke housings we pride ourselves on being able to deliver bespoke housing that really make a difference.

Diverse range of solutions

From the simple to the complex, over the past 40 years we have produced a huge variety of bespoke housing systems. Explore just some of our work below, and if you can't see anything that meets your requirements, contact us today, we can help.

Is Health and Safety important in your business?

Poorly designed housings can lead to needless exposure of operators to potentially harmful liquids and gases. At Amazon our engineers have designed a number of containment systems to eliminate operator exposure whilst ensuring the process runs smoothly. Unique designs that ensure pressurised housings cannot be opened unless depressurised safely have been successfully implemented.


Ready to Process: Want someone to provide the complete package?

The filter housing is just one small component of your filtration system. Logistics around procuring and specifying everything else can be a real headache. Let our experts liaise with other suppliers and deliver you the complete system. We can supply fully containerised systems including process control and integrated lifting solutions to ease filter changeouts for operators


Problems with compatibility of materials?

New processes can result in potential problems with compatibility of materials. Consult us on which materials are most appropriate for your process. Special alloys such as Hastelloy and secondary coatings such as PTFE and Tantaline are available to ensure your process runs trouble free.


It’s good to talk

A lot of communication is performed electronically these days but on bespoke solutions for skids and housings we firmly believe it is beneficial to talk face to face with our clients. We have a highly experienced dedicated engineering team that is happy to take the time to discuss what works best for you.


Why Amazon Filters?

For over 35 years, our team of experts has designed, manufactured, and installed innovative filtration solutions that go beyond any competitor’s standard.

Today, we’re Europe’s leading filter manufacturer with capacity and capabilities worldwide.

Supported by years of industry knowledge, we deliver high-quality, reliable, and accredited filtration solutions to your exact specifications.

We help you focus on producing high-quality products and services, and worry less about the filtration process.

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