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Water filtration

Meet and exceed your water quality specifications with our water filtration solutions.


Reliable industrial water filtration systems

From water filter cartridges to water filter housings, we offer expert solutions that meet your exact needs. Our filter products and plug-and-play filtration systems will help you maintain and improve water quality standards.

At Amazon Filters, we recognise that water is a prerequisite for global, social, and economic development. Scarcity of supply puts more strain on utility infrastructures to meet quantity and quality demands. As standards for water quality rise, you need to improve the design and efficacy of your water filtration systems. Discover how we can help you today.

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Municipal water

We're leading suppliers to many of the UK and Europe's water authorities. Learn about our reputation and capabilities to solve water quality problems quickly and reliably.

Process water

Let us solve your water filtration problems. Protect and enhance the performance of your water treatment systems with our extensive range of water filtration solutions.

Building services

Looking for side stream solutions for low-temperature hot water and chilled water? We can assist in designing the most efficient and cost-effective water filtration system for you.


Processing and purifying of wastewater relies heavily on RO (Reverse Osmosis) membranes. Find out how we can better protect and enhance the performance of these membranes.

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We'll make sure you're getting the best out of your water filtration system.