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If your industry demands guaranteed levels of filtration quality, our products will offer both peace of mind and long-term savings.

Our current product range includes cartridge filters and capsules in a wide variety of formats and lengths, as well as standard filter housings for liquid and gas application of industrial, hygienic and sanitary design.

In addition, custom design housings in a variety of exotic materials and coatings are available to perfectly match your application, as well as a range of complimentary products to enable a one-stop shop approach to your filtration needs.

Filtration cartridges

Filter Cartridges & Capsules

Hugely flexible and customisable membrane and depth cartridges for both liquid and gas filtration.

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Pleated Filters by Amazon Filters

Bag Filters

Complete range of materials and sizes for both retrofitting existing housing and designing new process systems

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Amazon Filters Housings

Cartridge Filter & Bag Filter Housings

Filter housings designed to hold and protect drop-in cartridges and bags.

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Amazon Filters Custom Skids

Customised Housings & Skids

A bespoke, versatile way to support the efficiency or capacity of an existing process.

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