Providing bespoke filtration solutions for your specialised equipment

From coffee machines to engine fuel systems, filtration can be a critical component in guaranteeing the efficiency and quality of your final product. We have worked in partnership with many companies to develop unique filter formats and media configurations to address special requirements across a diverse range of industries from automotive through to healthcare. As should be expected, strict confidentiality throughout the development and production phases ensures your hard-earned competitive advantage stays with you. Continuity of supply is also assured through our dual location manufacturing sites.

Problems with space envelope

Problems with space envelope?

Often the size and configuration of standard filters means that compromise has to be made on the equipment design. We can work with you to maximise filtration performance and develop a filter format that fits into your design rather than designing around the filter. Our vast experience in melt-blowing technology means we have freedom to alter the filter matrix throughout the depth creating distinct filtration zones with different characteristics. This allows the filter to be designed specifically for your application, optimises the size and hence freeing up valuable space.

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Functionalisation of Fibres

The ability to modify the resin prior to being melt-blown, as well as conducting surface modification, gives us the ability to functionalise the filtration material. What does this mean? Essentially the filter can provide other benefits other than particulate removal. Beneficial antimicrobials can be integrated to prevent biofouling in water or new generation biofuels. Hydrophobic / oleophobic treatments can enhance separation and reduce pressure drops. Adsorptive compounds can be introduced to remove contaminants such as heavy metals.

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Functionalisation of Fibres
Need to Separate Liquid / Gas phases?

Need to Separate Liquid / Gas phases?

Our close collaboration with universities and research establishments means we are able to design phase separation systems directly from your process requirements. We have successfully developed products from liquid gas separators for oil and gas applications to critical fuel dewatering systems for the automotive industry. If coalescing technology is apart of your next new product why not get in touch to see how we can help to develop differentiation and performance.

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Total Flexibility

Total Flexibility

We are able to work with cartridges and housings from all major manufactures giving you complete flexibility. 


What Working With Amazon Filters Can Do For You

By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

Ensure your product quality

Our filters can directly replace your existing filters ensuring the quality remains the same

The Amazon F4P approach

Our technical experts can audit your process to ensure you get the best process at the best price.

Manage your stock, logistics and delivery

Flexible delivery options ensure you have the stock where and when you need it, with no downtime.

Help you reduce manufacturing cost

Amazon can guarantee a minimum 10% saving on annual spend.

Transparent customer service

We’ll work with you, how and when you want. No excuses - just honest, transparent customer service, backed by years of experience.

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