Filtration Expertise at your fingertips

You have developed an exciting new fluid formulation but cannot establish a viable filtration train for production


Do you stick with your current supplier?

We worked with them on the last project

Did everything go as well as it should have? We understand developing a new product line is never a smooth process. Working with a company with quick response times is essential.

They are a global player

Working with a large corporation may feel like you are de-risking the project, but where will they prioritise your development project when it comes to resources?

We use them in production

Could looking at new supplier of filtration solutions in R&D lead to cost saving in existing production process?


What Working With Amazon Filters Can Do For You

By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

Ensure your product quality

Our filters can directly replace your existing filters, ensuring the quality remains the same.

The Amazon F4P approach

Our technical experts can audit your process to ensure you get the best process at the best price.

Manage your stock, logistics and delivery

Flexible delivery options ensure you have the stock where and when you need it, with no downtime.

Help you reduce manufacturing cost

Amazon can guarantee a minimum 10% saving on annual spend.

Transparent customer service

We’ll work with you, how and when you want. No excuses - just honest, transparent customer service, backed by years of experience.