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Research and development

Get high-performance filtration solutions to fit your latest design.

Scale up the production of new fluid formulations with support from industry experts. We can develop a filter format that perfectly fits your existing design, so you can begin production without skipping a beat. When you partner with Amazon Filters, you'll get innovative solutions, validation, and ongoing support to help you build the optimal filtration train. 

How Amazon Filters helps with research and development


Validation guides & filterability studies

We understand that innovation demands quality. That's why we provide detailed validation guides, technical support documentation, and proof of testing for all our filters. You can be confident that they'll perform to the high standards you need.


Compatibility knowledge

Ramp up development and production with a filtration manufacturer that can support you at scale. We'll help you with space utilisation, material selection, and more. So you can be certain that your chosen filter will fit seamlessly into your existing design and provide the best results.


In-depth filtration expertise

A generic solution won't give you the performance you need. We have years of experience delivering filtration for a diverse range of industries. We'll work with you to develop unique filter formats that address your specific requirements.


Why Work With Amazon Filters?

By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

Case study

Validating quality for a medicine manufacturer

Discover how we proved to auditors that our SupaGard filter doesn't affect the quality of the final product.

Let’s get started

Ensure the route to production is as smooth as possible with high-performance filtration systems and expert support.