OEM filtration and special filter products

No matter what your unique requirements, we can provide high-quality custom filtration and OEM filters.

At Amazon Filters, we have years of experience delivering filtration for a diverse range of industries and systems, from coffee machines to engine fuel systems. We can develop unique filter formats and media configurations that address your specific requirements. Including OEM filters.

Confidentiality is standard throughout the development and production phases of your filtration system, giving you a competitive advantage. We also have dual location manufacturing sites, ensuring continuity of supply throughout your project.

Improve performance with OEM filters

We can develop a filter format that fits into your design, rather than designing around the filter. Giving you maximum filtration performance.

With vast experience in melt-blowing technology, we can alter the filter matrix throughout the depth. This creates distinct filtration zones with unique characteristics, letting us design a filter specifically for your application, optimise its size, and free up valuable space.

worker holding custom filter

Get more value from your filtration

Your filtration can provide extra benefits other than particulate removal. We can design custom OEM filters with functional qualities, including antimicrobials, hydrophobic treatments, oleophobic treatments, or adsorptive compounds. Giving you greater value from one filtration system.

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Get trusted support for OEM filters and special filter products.

Ready to optimise processes across your entire filtration system? Learn more about our capabilities for OEM filters or specialised products.

OEM filters for liquid or gas phases

Our team works closely with universities and research establishments to develop the latest, innovative filtration technology.

We’ve designed a wide range of OEM products for multiple industries, from liquid gas separators to critical fuel dewatering systems. Giving you high-performance, differentiation, and reliability across your filtration.

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