Oil and Gas Filtration Solutions

Filtration within the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries can provide a number of specific challenges due to the individual nature of each process and fluid. When downtime is the thing you want to avoid most, the costs associated with poorly designed filtration systems often goes unchallenged. Why not get in contact with our team to see how we can reduce OPEX for you.


Oil & Gas

The importance of effective water treatment is often underestimated in oil and gas production. Water intake quality can vary tremendously due to algae and plankton blooms, silts and other sediments and this will have significant impact on the performance of the water treatment facilities. We can provide easy operating, cost effective solutions to help maximise the production of water for injection.

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Sea Water Purification

Oil and gas refining relies on the effective operation of complex processes and equipment. The function of these can be adversely affected by particulate and liquid contamination in the feed streams. We have experience in developing filtration solutions based on dead end and coalescing technologies to ensure your process runs at optimum performance

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