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Chemicals and coatings

Discover our range of chemical filters, coatings filters, housings, and bespoke filtration capabilities.


At Amazon Filters, we work closely with our customers to design efficient and cost-effective solutions, so you maintain the high quality of your chemicals and coatings. Whether you want to remove particulate contaminants in raw bulk starter chemicals or are classifying pigmented inks used on state-of-the-art printheads – we can help with the development of bespoke filters and filter housings.

Chemicals, solvents, and resins

As a leading chemical filters manufacturer, we’re equipped to design a solution for your filtration system, no matter how complex. From highly viscous resins to volatile solvents we have a viable solution for all applications.

Digital inks

New innovative ink formulations that are developed in the laboratory need a robust filtration train that is viable in production. We’ll work with your R&D team to create a successful digital ink filtration system for you.

Inks and coatings

We can provide the optimal filtration train for a wide range of inks and coatings filtration needs. From cleaning up of raw starter materials to the fine classification of inks.

What Working With Amazon Filters Can Do For You

By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

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We’ll make sure you’re getting the best out of your filtration system and housings from chemicals and coatings.