The Amazon 59 Series single stack, high pressure cartridge filter assembly is ideal for use with PVC, sealants and waxes that are used in the Automotive and other industries. These high viscosity products (c.70,000 – 100,000 cP) are used to seal joints on car bodies against water ingress. Due to the physical characteristics of these high viscosity liquids, conventional filtration would not be suitable because of the high operating pressures required to apply these products.

The 59 Series filter assembly offers a cost effective and practical filtration solution for many high pressure, high viscosity sealant applications. Manufactured in Carbon Steel they are capable of operation of up to 400 bar at 120°C with a flow capacity of up to 20 lt/min.
They contain 10” long Stainless Steel  high strength filter elements which has been proven to be the best way to prevent any nozzle blocking before extrusion.

It is available in a range of filter ratings from 200 to 1200µm – thus providing
optimum flexibility for filtering a range of high viscosity products. The filter elements can be easily cleaned, ready for re-use, either by jet washing or solvent cleaning.

Features and Benefits

  • Carbon steel cast head and bowl
  • Simple two piece construction for easy maintenance
  • Small product hold-up volume
  • Available with a range of pore sizes from 200 to 1200µm
  • Ideal for fluid viscosities up to 100.000 cps
  • Every housing has a nameplate with a serial number for full traceability
  • CE marked

To download a copy of the 59 Series datasheet click here.

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