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Let your brewery’s output shine. See our industry-leading brewing filtration solutions.

Whether you’re a large multinational brewery or a small microbrewery, the goal for your final product remains the same. Brewers want a consistent taste, good shelf-life, and an optimised beer production process.

At Amazon Filters, our brewing filtration solutions guarantee the quality of the utilities you use. Including water, steam, gas, and the cold stabilisation of your ‘liquid bread’. Our team are here to help.

Get sterile filtration for beer

Filtration for stabilisation continues to be a popular choice for breweries. The correct filters that have a low absorption membrane will maximise throughput, and studies show cold sterilisation improves bitterness and crispness.

Our range of brewing filtration solutions can help you achieve this.

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Reduce carryover of fines and kieselguhr

Balancing retention and lifetime value in brewing filtration can be challenging. At Amazon Filters, our brewing filtration systems offer retention to fines, lees, flocculated colloids, and yeast while providing excellent volumetric throughput.

Our brewing filters also enable backflushing and chemical regeneration, without affecting performance.

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Guarantee high-quality beer. Get industry-leading brewing filtration.

Whatever your needs, Amazon Filters can optimise and streamline your beer production process. Learn more about our brewing filtration solutions.

Stop premature blockage of cold stabilisation filters

If not adequately protected, the benefits of membrane filtration can lead to rising costs and frustration due to frequent filter changeouts.

Our expert team can develop bespoke and flexible prefiltration products that address your specific brewing filtration process problems.


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