4th Jan 2022

3 ways filter manufacturers overcome supply chain issues in pharma

A reliable supply chain is imperative for pharmaceutical companies. Without access to the correct cartridges and housings, your production could grind to a halt, causing knock-on effects for the whole business.

The impact of COVID-19

COVID-19’s impact has been indiscriminate. Almost every industry has been affected with 80% of respondents in a PDA survey reporting critical shortages of consumable manufacturing goods such as filters, single-use bags, and tubing.

The whole world looked to pharma for a vaccine, which inevitably put pressure on the availability of materials and the supply chain. But while the spotlight was on the virus, the need to manufacture other life-saving medicines didn’t stop. And as membrane filters are a requirement throughout bioprocessing, this meant an adequate supply of filters was always necessary.

The lesson pharma companies must learn is how to anticipate supply chain difficulties, so you can always stay one step ahead.

And while this may feel like a huge challenge, you’re not in it alone. With the right filter manufacturer on your side, you can stay ahead of supply chain issues, and your competitors.

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How a filter manufacturer manages these challenges

1. Smaller companies can respond faster

Large, multi-national filter manufacturers have complex infrastructures. This makes them big ships to turn. Smaller manufacturers, however, are in a much better position to adapt to short deadlines and are flexible enough to provide you with what you need with little notice.

At Amazon Filters, we pride ourselves on being experts, but also on being accessible when our customers need us. Combining these skills with our proven, innovative solutions means that we offer the best service and supply experience possible.

2. You get access to the right people quickly

When time is of the essence, there’s nothing more frustrating than being bounced around different helplines and departments trying to find someone who can support you.

Amazon Filters can guarantee the specialist you need is available for short-notice requests. But we can also demonstrate equivalency with other suppliers, so there’s no doubt in your mind that this speed and flexibility don’t come at the expense of quality.

3. Can validate quickly to ensure quality

It should go without saying that quality needs to be your number one priority. There’s little point in having a steady supply of filters if they’re not up to scratch.

Every product that Amazon Filters supplies comes with a validation guide. This means you can instantly know the level of quality to expect and can have complete confidence in the filter’s output. Big pharma companies audit our products too, which should give you additional peace of mind.

Get ahead of supply chain difficulties

Don’t wait until you encounter an issue with your supply chain. In fact, we’d recommend a dual-source supply, so there’s no need for panic if you can’t purchase your usual filters.

Amazon Filters isn't a reseller. We manufacturer our own filters. This means we control cost, quality, and lead times. We understand it’s vital that you have the correct filters available at any time, and we’re confident we can supply them when you need them.

How a filter manufacturer delivers expertise to your business

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