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Maintain a delicate balance of clarity and stability with expert filtration for wine.

Guarantee your wine quality all the way to the glass. Our extensive portfolio of depth and membrane filters, coupled with access to specialist wine partners across the world, will ensure you achieve the consistent quality and shelf-life you need.

Eliminate sporadic contamination of wine

Your wine filtration must be fully retentive to the specific contamination you are experiencing. At Amazon Filters, we use the micron rating of our filters to indicate whether it is acceptable for your process.

This is because micron ratings need to be correlated to the retention of relevant organisms that can affect your wine filtration, such as serratia marcescens, brettanomyces, and acetobacter oeni. Our experts can help.

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Prevent wine filters from blocking mid-batch

We know that all wines, especially complex reds, differ in their filterability. Our team of experts can understand your exact needs and implement open membrane or integrated depth media to guarantee your throughput and final product quality.

Additionally, we can add to or improve the prefiltration stage and find alternative filters with built-in prefiltration. Helping you overcome capacity issues of spoilage organisms.

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Get a smooth wine filtration process. Guarantee the quality of your wine.

At Amazon Filters, we're supported by a global team of wine specialists. Our experts can develop a wine filtration process for you, without compromising product quality.

Stop pre-stabilisation filters from degrading

Your filters need to be robust enough to withstand tanker unloading, pre-stabilisation, repeated CIP with chemicals, dirt holding capacity, and microbial reduction.

We supply hybrid filters that combine pleated construction and high loft meltblown media. Helping you overcome these common issues, with added high flows and retention.

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Case study

Keeping filtration sterile for a major winery

One wine manufacturer processed 1.8 million litres of white wine at 2000l/hour. They used two different systems interchangeably to do this but wanted to significantly improve the production process.

Amazon Filters developed a wine filtration process for their exact needs.

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We'll make sure you're getting the best out of your wine filtration system.