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Inks and coatings filtration

See our range of capabilities for inks and coatings filtration.

At Amazon Filters, we manufacture a wide range of depth filters and membrane filters for the inks and coatings industry. We design our filtration solutions with various material specifications to provide the optimum filtration train – whether for cleaning up raw starter materials or working on the fine classification of inks.

Decrease the number of filters you use

Tired of throwing away filters after each batch? Our clean change system allows the filter and bag system to be removed from the housing and capped-off for use on a further batch. This not only reduces waste but also eliminates operator exposure to improve health and safety too.


Improve ink classification

The high solids loading of pigment based ink makes a membrane filter ineffective. By using depth filtration, Amazon Filters can help you process the necessary volumes you need in production.

  • Proprietary technology, such as melt blown filters
  • Distinct zones in the filter matrix
  • Greater filter capacity
  • Controlled micron cut-offs ensure repeatable results when classifying

Never waste a drop of ink again

Inks and coatings filtration needn’t be wasteful or costly. We’ll work with you to optimise the filtration train for long-term value.

Reduce filter blockage

Our experts understand the frustration of uncompleted batches due to factors such as filter blockage. Whether large variation in raw material or limitations of filter performance for high viscosity fluids, we can assist in identifying your problem areas for you.

Case study

Improving process economics and operator safety

We recently helped a leading manufacturer of fluoropolymer coatings to implement new filtration technology into their production facility. Our solution has improved operator health and safety, minimised environmental impact, and more.

Let’s get started

We’ll make sure you’re getting the best out of your inks and coatings filtration system.