Chemicals and coatings
17th Aug 2021

Chemicals and coatings: 3 reasons to change your filter system now

Your filtration solution cannot let you down.

It’s a crucial part of your production process. The best filtration systems mean the difference between assured product quality and damage to your bottom line.

This is especially true for the chemical processing and liquid coatings industry, which has tough and unique filtration challenges. Extreme heat, high viscosity levels, volatile substances – your filters need to be able to handle everything you throw at them.

You can’t afford to have a filtration solution that’s outdated, inefficient, or doesn’t align with your business needs. And with new solutions that offer improved performance entering the market, now is the perfect time to think about replacing your current system with something better.

3 reasons to replace your filtration solution for chemicals and coatings

1. You could be missing out on performance improvements


You know the saying - if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Many manufacturers are happy to keep the same filtration system simply because it isn’t causing any issues. Years will go by without anyone properly exploring whether they’re getting the most out of the system, or if it’s really the best solution for business requirements. By doing nothing, they miss out on critical opportunities to boost performance.

But what if a new filtration system significantly improves your process? What if it increases throughput, reduces production costs, and leads to happier customers?

We recently worked with a multinational coatings manufacturer that greatly improved its daily production volumes, resin quality, and process efficiency by changing to the SupaClean filtration system. SupaClean's flexibility and performance benefits have made a big difference to the manufacturer's operations, reducing production costs and improving operator health and safety.

If you haven’t looked at your filtration system in a while, work with an expert filtration partner to find the right system that will maximise your results.

Explore four exciting innovations that are improving filtration for chemicals and coatings. View our infographic.

2. You’ll save costs with a more robust solution


When it comes to filtration in industrial processes, cheaper is rarely better. 

You might be tempted to save money short-term by choosing a filter that’s half the price of a higher-quality filter. But if the higher-quality filter lasts ten times as long, it'll generate long-term savings that far outweigh those you’d make by going for the cheaper option.

Cheap filters need changing more frequently. And every time you need to change a filter, you lose money. Production stops mid-batch, you have an extended period of downtime, and you’re not seeing any output.

These costs stack up over time. So, even though a more robust filtration solution is a larger upfront investment, you’ll see much greater ROI – while also improving the quality of your product.

3. You’re still using toxic and unreliable resin-bonded cartridges


Resin-bonded cartridges (RBCs) are no longer the go-to solution for chemicals and coatings.

They present some serious issues, so they’re now being taken off the market. These issues include:

  • Contamination – RBCs shed fibres into your filtrate, contaminating your final product.
  • Performance – The performance of RBCs varies by up to 35% from batch to batch.
  • Safety – The phenolic resins used to produce RBCs are toxic. Exposure can be harmful to operators.

If you’re using RBCs as part of your filtration process, it could be affecting the quality of your final product. Now is the time to start looking for a better alternative.

Discover the perfect upgrade for your filtration solution

Good filtration solutions can be better. There are cleaner, safer, more robust solutions out there that are purpose-built for the chemicals and coatings industry. And if you pass them by, you miss out on major performance improvements and cost savings.

Discover a new filtration system that could be the perfect replacement for your existing solution in our infographic, Filtration for chemicals and coatings: 4 exciting innovations.

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