SupaPleat II

SupaPleat II high surface area pleated depth cartridges have been developed to suit industrial processes where high levels of efficiency are required, whilst maintaining extremely low pressure losses.

In-house developments have optimised the filter media to give higher levels of porosity, and state of the art manufacturing technologies give excellent build quality

Four media options are offered as standard, the PP, GP, XP and MP. The PP features the specific CRY Cryptosporidium removal grade designed for Food and Beverage applications. All feature 100% polypropylene cage, core and end cap assembly.

Thermal welding processes seal all components, eliminating adhesives and extractables, and optimising cartridge integrity.

SupaPleat II PP cartridges feature:

  • Melt blown polypropylene media
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Materials meet US FDA title 21 and USP Class VI requirements
  • CRY Cryptosporidium removal grade
  • XP Extended Life version available

SupaPleat II GP cartridges feature:

  • Glass microfibre media
  • Extremely high dirt holding capacity

SupaPleat II MP cartridges feature:

  • Nylon monofilament woven mesh media
  • High flow, low pressure loss

Absolute Rated Filter Media:

  • Available with ratings from 0.5 to 400µm
  • Consistent reliable performance
  • Beta 5000 rating

Product Features

SupaPleat II filter cartridges are produced using an improved manufacturing process resulting in the following features:

  • One piece high strength all polypropylene support core up to 1018mm (40”)
  • High surface area, resulting in low clean Δp and excellent dirt holding capacity
  • 100% thermally welded construction for maximum integrity and strength
  • All polypropylene hardware
  • Optional high strength core for improved thermal stability at continuously elevated temperatures

Suitable for most sanitisation regimes including steaming, autoclaving, hot water flush and most common sanitising agents. (Note: Steaming, autoclaving and hot water sanitisation must use the glass filled end-cap option)

Features and Benefits

  • Absolute removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance
  • PP – Wide chemical compatibility using 100% polypropylene to meet FDA requirements
  • GP – Glass microfibre media gives excellent dirt holding capacity
  • MP – nylon monofilament mesh offers selective retention with the ability to be cleaned
  • XP – Extended life version for more challenging applications
  • Thermal bonding process eliminates adhesives and ensures minimal extractables
  • Cryptosporidium removal grade (CRY) with typical 104 log reduction value for use in Food and Beverage applications
  • Batch traceability

See Product Vaildation Guides for further details of test methods and rated efficiencies

Download the SupaPleat II datasheet

SupaPleat II


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