12th Aug 2022

Hotter and drier: helping water companies stay resilient in the face of drought

Millions of people across large parts of England and Wales have been hit with hosepipe bans as drought conditions continue in one of the driest years on record for over a century.

Bans have been coming into operation because water companies are having to take stricter measures to manage demand and maintain resilience.

As well as tightening usage, companies are seeking to overcome the challenge of low reserves in reservoirs and rivers by switching and drawing supplies from alternative sources such as boreholes.

Bringing a borehole back into use means tackling the issue of turbidity, the extent to which water is cloudy, opaque or thick with particles or contaminant.

This needs to be tackled quickly to ensure reliability of a safe supply in line with regulatory standards.

Removing a higher volume of materials and contaminants from water means filter cartridges need to be especially robust.

Amazon Filters has made and supplied critical filtration solutions to the water industry in the UK and Europe for 37 years.

We enable water companies to guarantee a consistent level of quality for safety and regulatory compliance, and we do it cost-effectively as a reliable partner.

When it comes to drought resilience challenges, we understand the needs of water companies for enhanced filtration capacity at different times and project stages.

Among the main Amazon Filters products used by water companies is SupaSpun II, an absolute-rated depth filter which is on the approved list for use in the public water supply under DWI Regulation 31.

SupaSpun II filters are ideal for helping with drought management issues such as turbidity, high manganese and iron levels, and chlorine and cryptosporidium contamination.

We have plentiful supplies of SupaSpun II R31 filters available, so if you are a decision maker in a water company and you anticipate having to deal with short-term turbidity issues, we can help.

It's always worth planning ahead for the filter consumables needed but especially so as extreme weather becomes more prevalent in the UK.

For more information on resilience in drought management and the benefits of SupaSpun II, visit https://www.amazonfilters.com/blog/tackling-water-turbidity 

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