20th Sep 2022

7 ways Amazon Filters strengthens your filtration supply chain

The slightest interruption to your supply chain can have serious consequences for your operations and your bottom line. It's why 57% of businesses say effective supply chain management gives them a competitive advantage.

You need to work with a filter manufacturer who understands your challenges and can deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Why choose Amazon Filters for supply chain management?

1. Reliable support

When you have a process-critical issue, you need fast and reliable support. Delays cost time and time is money.

At Amazon Filters, you’re never more than a call away from expert support. We’re a tight-knit organisation. Everyone has visibility of what’s happening in every department. This enables us to take ownership of your supply chain issues and deliver effective solutions.

2. Proactive problem solving

No manufacturer is completely free from supply chain issues. But in our experience, what frustrates customers isn’t the delay. It’s the way it’s handled.

We pride ourselves on transparency. If we know there’s going to be a problem with your order, we won’t wait until the day before it ships to let you know. We tell you as soon as possible so you can take steps to minimise disruption.

More importantly, we proactively monitor our supply chain to catch issues early. If we discover a problem, we work with you to find the ideal solution. Perhaps you’ve ordered 500 filters when you only need 100, or there’s an alternative filter that will work just as well? We make sure you have the equipment you need to satisfy application requirements and keep production going.

3. Expedited delivery

Imagine a fictional water company. Let’s call them Aqua. They’ve just opened a new borehole. There’s heavy sediment because of the recent drought and it’s completely blocked the filter. Aqua doesn’t have any spare stock to replace it, so they contact their supplier seeking assistance. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a two-week delay. With no other alternative, production grinds to a halt.

For a large supplier, this poses a serious problem. They tend to have long supply chains with multiple distribution partners. It takes time to respond to customer requests, making it impossible to respond to emergencies quickly.

Our dynamic, flexible team can quickly adapt production patterns to meet your needs. This allows us to quickly produce emergency stock and ship them the next day to get you back on track as soon as possible.

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4. Process optimisation

To keep your supply chain operating at peak efficiency, you need to regularly review and update your systems and processes.

We work with you to understand your processes and find the best solutions to any problems you might encounter. We never recommend filters for the sake of it or set you up with the most expensive options. Our goal is to optimise your filtration system over time to save you money on your consumables, without impacting quality.

5. Dedicated stock on site

The process industry simply can’t function without filters. They’re essential for everything from improving water quality to ensuring consistent product quality. If you run out of stock mid-production, you have no choice but to suspend operations.

We keep dedicated ring-fenced stock on site to ensure you never run out of process-critical filters.

6. Custom labels and barcodes

Procurement teams use their identification systems to keep track of which products belong to which process stream. With Amazon Filters, you can create custom labels and barcodes that combine the Amazon Filters part number with your custom filter identification tag. This lets you scan products to your inventory system seamlessly.

7. Specialist packaging

Packaging requirements differ from industry to industry.

We provide specialist packaging designed to meet your needs. For example, cardboard is a major source of cleanroom contamination in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Simply opening the box can release damaging fibres and particulates into the air. So, we offer cleaner alternatives that allow you to get the product as close to your production line as possible without risking contamination.

Our plastic packaging is also reusable. Once you’ve opened the box, you can send it back to us for recycling.

The strongest link in your supply chain

Amazon Filters is one of Europe’s leading filter manufacturers. For over 35 years, we’ve supplied the process industry with best-in-class filter solutions.

Our diverse, global client base includes organisations working in:

  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Food and beverage
  • Water

When you work with Amazon Filters, you can worry less about your supply chain and focus on what you do best.

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