3rd Apr 2023

3 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Filtration Consumables

You shouldn’t be expected to sacrifice the quality of your filtration solutions to save money. And yet procurement teams struggle with balancing supply and demand while remaining cost-effective.

Procurement teams face a number of challenges that put both productivity and profits at risk. The main question to answer is, how can you improve supply and delivery while maintaining the quality of your filtration solutions? Improving the quality of your filtration goes hand-in-hand with saving money, as long as you understand how.

We dive into three different yet connected ways to reduce your overall cost of filtration, while still ensuring the highest standard.


The challenges facing procurement teams

Filtration procurement teams face a variety of filtration challenges in their mission to save on cost while ensuring the highest standard of filtration solution. With such a direct impact on an organisation’s bottom line, it's vital you get procurement right.

Procurement teams face supply issues and the risks that surround them. These risks include:

Uncontrolled spending and a lack of transparency are also problematic for procurement teams and failing to adhere to a pre-determined budget will cause issues later on.

Procurement teams must also deal with suppliers of filtration solutions, and an issue at this stage can halt production completely. Unreliable suppliers are the bane of a procurement team’s existence. But even if your existing supplier is one you’ve forged a relationship with, it’s always possible to look elsewhere. Moving to a new supplier is a risk in and of itself.

To remove the burden from your procurement teams, there are three ways to reduce costs while keeping standards high.

Discover how the right filtration partner supports your people and processes with bespoke technology and industry expertise.

How to reduce your filtration costs

1. Quality matters

Quality is important, and not only does it mean better quality filtration, but it can help you save on cost. If you’re changing your cartridges more than you should, then you’re spending more money than you should be too.

This has a knock-on effect on the rest of your business. If filter use is excessive, then operating costs will inflate to keep up with expenditure. You can maximise the effectiveness of your filtration process with better quality solutions that, while more expensive initially, only need to be changed once a month, as opposed to every single day.

2. Make the right selection

Through lab and site testing, it’s imperative that you make the right choice and select an appropriate filtration train for your business. The right choice of filtration train will make a huge difference in yields, process economics, and viability.

By ensuring you’ve selected the right train for your business or product, you can provide:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Easy scalability
  • Reliable supply
  • Configured for multiple products

3. The right train for the right product

Despite the fact that you can configure your train for multiple products, you don’t always have to. Don’t be afraid to use different filtration trains for different products to determine what will produce the best results for your business and your product.

Don't compromise on filtration quality

Filtration solution procurement teams must deal with a plethora of challenges that could upset your productivity and your profit margins. However, it’s possible to save on costs while maintaining high standards of quality. Avoid changing your filters every day and reduce filter expenditure with better quality products designed to last longer.

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