How a Filter Manufacturer Delivers Expertise to Your Business

Providing effective support for process filtration to your people


So‭, ‬you’re looking for a filter manufacturer‭. ‬Maybe you’re no longer happy with the service you receive from your current partner‭. ‬Or perhaps you’re looking to get greater value elsewhere‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬improved quality‭, ‬cheaper prices‭, ‬or faster turnaround times‭. ‬

Whatever your reasons‭, ‬your choice of filter manufacturer matters‭, ‬because not all will offer the same value‭. ‬In this guide, ‬you’ll discover the four most important things to look for in a filter manufacturer‭. ‬Learn how the right partner can deliver expertise across your entire business‭, ‬whether you’re in charge of procurement or managing the production line‭.‬

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4 vital things to look for in a filter manufacturer

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1. Exceptional Service delivery

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2. Bespoke technology

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3. Cost and lifetime value

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4. First-class customer support

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1. Exceptional service delivery

Filter manufacturers will often claim to offer an exceptional service‭.‬
Many don’t‭. ‬But what does‭ ‬‘exceptional’‭ ‬look like‭? ‬

The three cornerstones of a truly great service are‭:‬

Speed‭: ‬Expect fast turnaround times‭. ‬Even if what you need isn’t in stock‭.‬

Value‭: ‬Your bottom line should always be top of the manufacturer’s mind‭.‬

Quality‭: ‬Products should be built to last with the latest technology‭.‬

Ensure the manufacturer you choose can deliver on all of them‭.‬

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2. Bespoke technology

Not all generic filter solutions will be suitable for you‭. ‬For large or complex projects‭, ‬you’ll need a filter manufacturer that can create bespoke systems to match your exact specifications‭. ‬

Look for a filter manufacturer that will work with you to get under the skin of your business’s needs and challenges‭. ‬They’ll use this knowledge to create a solution that’s tailored to your requirements‭.‬

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3. Cost and lifetime value

Some filter manufacturers will try to differentiate themselves with lower prices‭. ‬But you need a filter manufacturer that can think beyond those short-term cost savings‭.‬

You’ll get much greater ROI long-term from a partner that can provide bespoke‭, ‬higher-quality solutions to match your specific needs‭. ‬A solution that’s purpose-built for your process will require less maintenance and need changing less‭. ‬This reduces risk and saves costs that would be wasted on downtime‭. ‬And it will help you increase throughput‭, ‬generating more profit‭. ‬

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4. First class customer support

If you have an emergency‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬or just a general query‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬your filter manufacturer should always be on hand to help‭. ‬When choosing your filter manufacturer‭, ‬check‭: ‬

  • How quick and easy it is to contact a member of their team‭
  • How soon they’ll acknowledge a query
  • How many people you’ll have to go through to get the support you need
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How a filter manufacturer improves processes for…

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Production managers

Your biggest concern is making sure that production doesn’t stop‭. ‬If it does‭, ‬it’s your responsibility to get it going again as fast as possible‭.‬

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Procurement teams

You need stable pricing and supply‭. ‬And you’ve got to reduce filtration spend each year while ensuring the quality of the final product doesn’t suffer‭.‬

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Quality control

You’re protecting your reputation‭. ‬Reducing risk is paramount‭. ‬You need repeatable‭, ‬consistent quality for your final product‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬guaranteed‭.‬

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Process engineers

Your filtration solution must fit in seamlessly with the balancing act of budgets‭, ‬timescales‭, ‬resources‭, ‬and stakeholder buy-in‭.‬

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How a filter manufacturer improves processes for production managers

Fast turnaround times‭

If a filter gets blocked‭, ‬you don’t want to be left waiting months for a replacement‭. ‬You’re counting on getting the right products delivered fast‭. An expert filtration partner will ringfence key stocks for you at their site‭,‬ so they can ship them to you straight away‭.‬

Easier‭, ‬quicker changeouts‭

To reduce risk to the process‭, ‬filter changes must be fast and seamless‭.‬ A filtration partner can help by providing designs for filter housings that are easy for operators to open‭. ‬This makes extracting the cartridges simpler and quicker during production‭. ‬

On-demand technical support

As a production manager‭, ‬you need to know that your supplier always has your back‭. ‬There are several channels you may need to call on for support at any time‭, ‬from engineering to warehousing‭. ‬

This is where a filter manufacturer with years of experience and an agile‭, ‬collaborative working environment can add real value‭.‬‭ ‬If you need to speak to someone about a technical query‭, ‬you’ll have someone to call who will know the answer‭. ‬If they don’t‭, ‬they’ll know who does‭, ‬so your solution is only ever a swift transfer away‭. ‬

Flexible filter designs

An experienced filter manufacturer knows that no filtration process is perfect all the time‭. ‬Occasionally‭, ‬your filter specifications will go slightly out of sync with the materials you’re using to get your final product‭. ‬

So‭, ‬rather than provide a filter system that only caters for the perfect scenario‭, ‬they’ll build in some leeway for you‭. ‬If there’s an issue upstream in your process‭, ‬you can rest easy knowing that the system can take it into account‭. ‬

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How a filter manufacturer improves processes for procurement teams

Transparent and consistent supply‭

For procurement‭, ‬knowing where a product comes from matters‭. ‬You need assurance that the supply you’re getting for your factory is consistent and reliable‭. ‬

Your filter manufacturer can help by making the source of their products clear and transparent‭. ‬For instance‭, ‬at Amazon Filters‭,‬‭ ‬we manufacture our filters and housings in the UK and Poland‭, ‬so our customers know exactly where they’re getting their products from‭. ‬

Having two manufacturing locations also means that our customers can rest assured that‭, ‬even if a disaster affects one location‭,‬‭ ‬there are backup facilities in place to support you‭.‬

Saving costs beyond the unit price‭

Reducing filtration spend is a constant challenge for procurement‭. ‬Some manufacturers might look to achieve this simply by offering cheaper prices on filtration products‭. ‬But a partner with the right knowledge and experience can
help you discover smarter avenues of generating greater long-term savings‭.‬

By letting your filtration partner audit your processes‭, ‬they can find key areas for improving efficiency‭, ‬increasing throughput‭, ‬reducing risks‭, ‬and more‭. ‬As a continuous process‭, ‬these improvements will lower your costs year-on-year far more effectively‭ ‬than buying cheaper products‭.

Reducing waste

When procuring products‭, ‬price isn’t the only factor‭. ‬There’s also sustainability to think about‭. ‬Environmental issues are becoming increasingly prominent‭, ‬as businesses must think about how to reduce their impact on the planet‭. ‬

An experienced filter manufacturer will help change process behaviours to get more value out of your products‭, ‬so you waste less‭ ‬and reduce costs‭.‬

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How a filter manufacturer improves processes for quality control

Proven quality assurance‭

Maintaining quality of output is your priority‭. ‬You need proof that your supplier has all the right checks and balances in place‭ ‬to show that they’ll deliver to the standards you expect‭.‬

At Amazon Filters‭, ‬we provide quality assurance by demonstrating our full set of accreditations across the ISO spectrum‭. ‬We’re accredited by the British Standards Institute‭, ‬one of the most prestigious bodies‭, ‬as key evidence of our quality systems‭. ‬

Validation guides‭

Proof of performance goes beyond ISO accreditations‭. ‬As quality control‭, ‬you also need evidence that what your supplier promises‭ ‬of each product can be backed up with hard documentation‭.‬

This is where validation guides come in‭. ‬A filter manufacturer can provide product validation guides for all the products they supply‭, ‬from generic off-the-shelf products to high-end‭, ‬high-specification membrane filters‭. ‬These guides describe the validation testing that shows the product performs as advertised and is compliant with regulatory authority requirements‭.‬

Environmental protection policies

You’re under increasing scrutiny from auditors to show the steps you’re taking to reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint‭. ‬

An experienced filter manufacturer will already have these goals front of mind‭. ‬They’ll be able to demonstrate the measures they take to make their processes and products as eco-friendly as possible‭, ‬from reducing‭ ‬how much material they use to recycling waste production materials‭. ‬

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How a filter manufacturer improves processes for process engineers

Team-wide expertise

For process engineers‭, ‬having access to filtration expertise is key‭. ‬Work with an agile‭, ‬highly experienced filter manufacturer‭,‬‭ ‬and you’ll have a full team of diverse and knowledgeable people that you can talk to and interrogate about your process‭. ‬

They’ll help you understand what’s working‭, ‬what isn’t‭, ‬and provide validation and support for any changes you need to make‭. ‬


If you encounter an issue with your filtration system‭, ‬you can send used filters back to your supplier’s factory‭. ‬They’ll run tests to identify the issue‭, ‬establish if the filter specification is correct‭, ‬and advise on process improvements to limit future problems‭.‬

Your filtration partner can also help by sending engineers to you‭. ‬They’ll work with you to resolve the problem or make improvements on your site‭.‬

Bespoke products

Working with a partner that offers bespoke technology is hugely beneficial to process engineers‭. ‬Rather than having to choose from a selection of generic products and fit your process around it‭, ‬you can request products built to your specific demands‭.‬

An experienced filter manufacturer can also provide made-to-order filter housings‭, ‬designed to the exact space or port length you need‭. ‬

How filter manufactuer improves processes

Changing behaviours, not filters: How filtration expertise reduced spend

Amazon Filters recently worked with a client that wanted to reduce their filtration spend‭. ‬Initially‭, ‬they were looking to achieve this through buying cheaper filters‭. ‬But by examining their process‭, ‬we found a better solution‭. ‬

We discovered that the client was throwing away a filter after every batch‭, ‬in line with standard operating procedures‭. ‬That’s what they had always done and hadn’t thought to change it‭. 

However‭, ‬we knew that the client could get anywhere between five to ten more batches from each discarded filter‭. ‬Re-using the filters also meant that they wouldn’t have to change them as frequently‭, ‬reducing the environmental impact by reducing waste‭.‬

By helping them change their practice‭, ‬not the unit price‭, ‬we enabled the client to drastically reduce their filter cartridge use to a fraction of what it was and saved them significant expense as a result‭.‬

Changing behaviours

The common goal for process filtration

Within large organisations‭, ‬the people involved in filtration cover a diverse set of roles‭. ‬They often operate in different countries and time zones‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬and sometimes appear to work to conflicting objectives‭. ‬For example‭, ‬the head of production might want a‭ ‬high-end‭, ‬long-lasting filter‭, ‬while the procurement team are trying to buy the cheapest solution‭, ‬not the highest quality one‭. ‬

But none of these people work in isolation‭. ‬They all touch the same process and have the same ultimate end goal‭: ‬achieving total‭ ‬lifetime cost reduction by making year-on-year improvements‭. 

As a flexible manufacturer with years of experience‭, ‬Amazon Filters is dedicated to helping customers reach that goal by continually improving their processes‭. ‬We work to understand people’s challenges across the business‭. ‬Then‭, ‬applying our expertise‭, ‬we align everyone to the best solution that will deliver lifetime value‭. 

The common goal for process filteration

Why Amazon Filters?

For over 35‭ ‬years‭, ‬our team of experts has designed‭, ‬manufactured‭,‬
and installed innovative filtration solutions to businesses worldwide‭. ‬

Today‭, ‬we’re one of Europe’s leading filter manufacturers‭, ‬supported by years of industry knowledge‭, ‬we deliver high-quality‭, ‬reliable‭, ‬and accredited filtration solutions to your exact specifications‭.‬

We help you focus on producing high-quality products and services‭,‬
and worry less about the filtration process‭.‬

  • Exceptional project turn-around times
  • Competitive‭, ‬cost-effective pricing
  • Industry leading technology

Get lifelong value from your filtration system

Every day, we deliver quality filtration solutions – made with care to your exact standards.