14th Dec 2021

The importance of sustainable filtration solutions

Demand for more environmentally-friendly practices is higher than ever. So it's beneficial to make sure that your filtration systems use sustainable methods.

From the material your equipment is made from to the suppliers in your supply chain, your filtration systems are a great place to start if you're looking for ways to improve sustainability. 

The importance of environmentally-friendly filtration solutions

Your partners, auditors, consumers, and even employees want to know that you're doing everything possible to reduce your environmental impact. What are the drivers for this, and why does being environmentally-friendly help your business?

Increased demand for sustainability

'Being sustainable' is a commitment to making responsible decisions that will reduce your impact on the world. It's not just about reducing waste. It's about developing processes that will enable you to maintain efficient, environmentally-friendly practices long-term.

83% of executive level managers and investment professionals believe that business alignment with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors will contribute more to a company's value in five years than today. If you want to maintain your reputation in tomorrow's world, you can't afford to overlook areas of your business where processes aren't 'green' enough. 

Additionally, consumer behaviour is leaning towards more sustainable habits. 43% of consumers value a business's effort to reduce their carbon footprint. And an equal percentage choose brands with circular practices. These methods keep products and materials in use for as long as possible and regenerate natural systems. 

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Environmental compliance

Your business must be compliant with environmental laws, regulations, and standards within the country in which you operate. So is your filtration equipment and filtration supplier hitting the mark?

Most filtration solutions feature a replaceable element that can have a serious impact on the environment. Materials, processes, and eventual disposal of filtration products must be managed using eco-conscious methods. 

Your filtration manufacturer should have a comprehensive environmental protection policy. One that accredits them to ISO:14001:2015, an international standard for environmental compliance. Thought leaders predict that low-carbon manufacturing systems and industrial systems will bring about change in nearly every industry in the future. Products will be designed with sustainability in mind and ethical material sourcing. Being compliant now means that your business is more prepared for the future.

Financial and operational benefits

Companies of all sizes are engaged in sustainability efforts, and nearly all of them have experienced financial and operational benefits. A report published by Make, The Manufacturers' Organisation found that 71% of manufacturers said the last environmental improvement they made reduced their costs. This is achieved as a result of becoming more energy and resource-efficient over time.   

Operational pressures are also a key driver for adopting more sustainable practices. 25% of companies say they began implementing more environmentally-friendly processes when the demand came from other parts of the supply chain. Reputation and company image, investor attractiveness, consumer habits, and sustainable business models have all driven operational change. 

How your filtration manufacturer can help

You don't have to sacrifice quality or efficiency to be greener. The right filtration manufacturer can work with you to implement straightforward processes that are more sustainable. This includes:

  • Using environmentally friendly manufacturing and product technologies where they are able, both technically and economically.
  • Maintaining environmental compliance in their own facilities, so you can be assured they are a responsible supplier.
  • Providing advice and support, so you can source suitable and sustainable solutions where possible. 

How a filter manufacturer delivers expertise to your business

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