30th Mar 2021

How can a filter manufacturer support your business?

The right filtration solution will keep operations running smoothly. Any disruption to the filtration process can have serious consequences. This ranges from the extra costs of repairing or replacing broken process equipment, to causing operations to grind to a halt. All of which creates costly productivity losses for your business and problems that have no quick fix.

In a perfect world, you'd be able to avoid these issues altogether. But while filtration technology continues to become more sophisticated, it doesn't mean disruption is a thing of the past. Many filter manufacturers can’t provide the level of support that’s needed for complex or bespoke filtration. Or businesses find it difficult to find the right filter manufacturer within an oversaturated market. Considering that the process filtration market is expected to grow to its highest valuation of over $48.52 billion by 2026, businesses are spoilt for choice.

The filtration equipment manufacturer market

Most filtration manufacturers have a diverse portfolio of filtration media and technology. This is because they're within an industry with multiple segments where each product fits a specific industry application. For example, food and beverage or pharmaceutical filtration.

However, for filtration suppliers, it's a complex challenge to deliver a large catalogue of filtration solutions at scale. Many filtration manufacturers create generic products in bulk to meet demand. They can fulfil requests and deliver solutions quickly, making them key industry players. Significantly, the top ten companies in the filtration industry account for more than 50% of the market share.

But are these filtration manufacturers doing enough? While mass-produced solutions are convenient, many suppliers don’t support their products long-term. More so, a premade product isn't optimised for your specific filtration needs. This stops you from getting the most value out of your filtration system.

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How can the right filter manufacturer support your business?

Avoiding the monopoly of filtration manufacturers can be difficult. Especially when a filtration manufacturer may outwardly appear to provide everything you need. But many of them lack transparency, customer support, and technical expertise. This is key if you want your filtration to stand the test of time and actively improve your process – not just keep it running.

What qualities should you look for in a filtration manufacturer?

1. Straightforward customer support

Many filtration manufacturers offer customer support as standard. But making direct contact with decision-makers or technical experts isn’t easy. If you want to solve a complex problem, waiting days for a response will be disruptive and costly to your business. Or you’ll spend precious working hours on the phone trying to contact a decision-maker. Often, internal bureaucracy will make it difficult for customers to troubleshoot issues, and manufacturers don’t have time to help customers get to the heart of an issue.

You need confidence that if things go wrong you can speak to the right person, at the right time.

The right filtration manufacturer will work with your business to recognise customer service demand. If you experience an urgent problem, you’ll be prioritised. Some manufacturers offer real-time live chat services – so you always have an expert on hand. Support teams will take the time to understand your problem and divert you to the appropriate expert. Even if it involves senior management. Because the filtration manufacturer wants the best for you, not just profit, they’ll go to extra lengths to provide accessible customer support.

2. Optimised filtration solutions

Delivering filtration solutions at scale isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean your chosen filtration manufacturer should cut corners. Unfortunately, many of them do. A premade solution might appear effective on paper – but deploy it to your complex filtration line and an issue can quickly arise. Poor filtration can cause variability in your final product or affect the capacity of your filters. You might be operating at reduced productivity and not even know it.

The right filtration manufacturer will consult with you about your specific challenges. Then, they'll conduct a filterability study on your existing equipment. Or, they'll build a bespoke filtration solution to tackle the issue. This consultation process should be standard practice, not an extra charge. This is because filtration train optimisation will reduce overall operation costs, improve productivity, and reduce the chances of filters blocking in the future.

Many businesses don’t realise that they might have hundreds of unoptimised processes within a filtration train. A filtration manufacturer should work with you to overcome this, and not just deploy a temporary fix.

3. Filtration knowledge and industry expertise

A filtration manufacturer should commit to finding the best solution for you. Whether it's your first interaction with the sales team or long-term customer support, each point of contact should have industry experience. This streamlines your relationship and makes problem-solving easier over time. For example, an internal sales team can check stock, look for alternative solutions, and help to solve problems fast? Your chosen filtration manufacturer should collaborate with you to understand problems as part of their service.

Some filtration manufacturers only have a handful of experts to support you, while others don’t have the capabilities to support at scale. To find out if a filtration manufacturer is the right one for you, check that they have evidence of years of experience and global capabilities. For example, if you need filtration equipment overseas – you’ll need a manufacturer with a global chain of distributors who can deliver effectively. But not every manufacturer has these capabilities. Or they do, but they don’t have the internal expertise to deliver custom-made solutions or optimisation. Finding a manufacturer who does both is key.

Find a filtration partner, not just a supplier

If you’re looking for filtration equipment, it’s easy to focus on the solution. Yet, your choice of filtration manufacturer is important too. The right filtration manufacturer will act as a partner to your business and work hand-in-hand with your teams to solve complex issues.

Support doesn’t just end when you’re no longer commercially profitable. An expert manufacturer will go the extra mile to ensure their solutions keep working for you long-term. This improves efficiency and productivity across your filtration line and reduces costs for your business, letting you experience the true value of an efficient filtration solution.

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