28th Mar 2023

A Box Of Filtration Tricks

How water companies mitigate fluctuating environmental challenges and maintain high-quality drinking water

During periods of drought when additional or alternative water sources need to be bought online they are often far from regular treatment plants that guarantee drinking water of the required quality. Where it is not economically viable to have a fully functioning backup plant, water companies look to containerised filtration systems that are mobile and have flexible filtration capabilities to ensure water quality.

An Amazon Filters containerised system is a box of filtration tricks that can be rapidly deployed and configured to deal with specific problems from a water source such as high turbidity, chlorine, iron and magnesium as well as tackling cryptosporidium contamination.

Water companies adopting containerised water filtration systems are able to plan for, and respond quickly to, water shortage emergencies. These systems also provide the ability to better plan maintenance projects that contribute to the consistent delivery of high-quality drinking water all year round.

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Environmental extremes


Reports from the parliaments auditor predict that an additional 4 billion litres of water a day will be needed by 2050 due to the growing risk of drought. In November 2019 seven counties had flood warnings with scenes such as those witnessed in the South Yorkshire village of Fishlake putting pressure on municipal water supply, it’s fair to say that environmental extremes have become more frequent as climate change takes effect.

The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology published status updates in May and June 2020 noting that the hydrological situation has been mixed with record-breaking rainfall in February, followed by a prolonged period of dry weather during months in spring with many regions experiencing the driest May on record.

Flexible solutions such as containerised filtration systems will certainly play a part in ensuring that the quality of water supply is maintained when water companies are facing the challenges that environmental extremes pose right now and into the future.


Amazon Filters Containerised Filtration Systems


While providing an excellent asset to deal with emergencies where dormant water sources need to be bought back online quickly, our containerised systems are also utilised in maintenance projects ensuring continuous supply.


Our systems have the ability to install and change filter cartridges depending on filtration requirements.

Plug & Play

Easily connected to power supply with inlet and outlet connections designed to be compatible with existing lines.

Safe & Comfortable

Our units have lighting, heating and ventilation safe access and cleaning stations.

Remote Monitoring

Wireless sensors provide remote monitoring of water quality with inlet and outlet turbidity, flowrate and filter differential pressure monitoring installed as standard.


A range of units catering for a variety of applications and flowrates with a cartridge system that allows for specific problems to be addressed.

Quality Guaranteed

Over 30 years’ experience of supplying filtration equipment to the municipal water market.

Rental Option

Quickly solve short term water quality issues with the quick deployment of a filtration skid.


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