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API manufacturing 

Guarantee process quality and safety with our innovative solutions for API manufacturing. 

When you process highly potent pharmaceutical compounds or handle aggressive chemicals, direct operator exposure needs to be avoided at all costs. The safety of your employees is paramount. That's why we'll help you find a bespoke filtration system that helps you achieve the best process quality in the safest way possible. 



Navigate complexity with bespoke filtration equipment

To overcome the unique challenges of chemical synthesis, you need filter housings that resist corrosion and do not adulterate your final product. Our experts will work with you to develop bespoke solutions to protect and enhance your production operations.

Using 3D modelling, we can visualise and evaluate new design concepts to the latest applicable standards for the highest possible quality.



Achieve consistent speck-free filtration

For the best product quality, you need to safeguard downstream processes by using guard filters to remove particulates and prevent mid-batch blockage.  

We offer a range of both meltblown and spunbonded filters in a wide variety of polymers and configurations, so you always have the best solution for your needs. 


Simplify your decolourisation process

You need a colour reduction process that is both swift and effective. 

Our Carbon Block systems offer a high surface area of active carbon in the convenience of a cartridge. As carbon selection is critical, the washed, pharma grade carbon available in the SupaCarb CP provides superior colour reduction while minimising mess and wastage. 


Take the complexity out of API manufacturing.

At Amazon Filters, we're Europe's leading developer of bespoke API manufacturing filtration solutions. Get in touch today to guarantee product quality and safe operation. 

Monitor the performance of reactors and carbon beds

Get real time feedback on fluid quality during the production process to understand the condition of carbon beds and ensure spec-free final product.

ClearView offers complete visibility to minimise system shutdowns and filter changeouts, reduce costs, and limit operator exposure. 


Minimise operator exposure

Our filtration systems and housings are designed to limit operator exposure. We frequently incorporate gloved systems or fully contained filtration systems, to keep operators safe. 


Need help with filter validation? 

Don’t let validation become a barrier to process improvement.

We can work with you to draft the appropriate testing protocols for extractables, arrange testing, and supply final reports that will satisfy any future audit.


Let’s get started

We'll make sure you're getting the best out of your filtration for API manufacturing.