21st Mar 2023

How a filter manufacturer reduces risk in API production

API production is inherently high-risk. You’ve got to preserve the quality of your final product. Get it wrong, and the consequences could be catastrophic. At the same time, you need to ensure your people and environments aren’t exposed to the potent chemicals they’re handling throughout the process.

Filtration plays a pivotal role in ensuring that API production runs safely and smoothly. That’s why it’s important to work with a filter manufacturer that understands the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical sector and can help you reduce risk at every stage.

Three ways filtration minimises API production risks

When producing APIs, you must protect your three Ps:

• Product
• Process
• People

A highly experienced filtration partner will use their expertise to optimise your API process and minimise the risk to all three.

Protecting your product

Many pharmaceutical companies don’t know that filter housings can be a risk to the API production process. If they aren’t made from the correct materials, they corrode and contaminate the final product. The wrong filter housing could not only ruin potentially life-saving drugs but also waste millions in revenue.

An experienced filtration partner understands the unique challenges of chemical synthesis. They will work with you to develop bespoke filter housings that will resist corrosion and protect the purity of your product. Using 3D modelling techniques, they can visualise new designs and evaluate them to ensure they meet the latest standards for the best quality.

Ready to start optimising your API production? Find out how with the right pharmaceutical filter manufacturer.

Protecting your process

By developing bespoke housings, your filtration partner isn’t just protecting your product, but your process too. They play a crucial role in reducing corrosion, filter changeouts frequency, and the risk of system shutdowns. This means less downtime and reduced costs.

If you want to enhance your process, a filtration partner can help you with that too by making validation as easy as possible. They’ll work with you to create and arrange the right tests for extractables and provide reports ready for any future audits. You’ll have all the documentation you need to prove your filters are suitable for your process.

Protecting your people

Keeping your employees and environment isolated from the process is crucial to managing risk in API production. If an operator comes into contact with highly aggressive chemicals and compounds, they could be seriously harmed.

An experienced filtration partner understands these risks. They will help protect your people and your business with bespoke filtration equipment that’s ergonomically designed to be as safe as possible without sacrificing quality. For example, gloved systems where the filter is fully contained within the system enable operators to change out cartridges easily, without exposing themselves or the environment to potent substances.

Work with a partner that protects your product, process, and people

A lot can go wrong in API production. The risks range from ruined products and lost revenue to employees being seriously harmed.

When filters are such a core part of the production process, you need to work with a filtration partner that takes reducing risk extremely seriously. Make sure your partner has the expertise to protect your product, process, and people at every step.

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