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Discover our innovative solutions for the green and renewable power industry, including wind power, green hydrogen production, biofuels, carbon capture and nuclear power.

Effective filtration has an important role to play in the green energy sector. It improves efficiency, reduces downtime, and extends the life of equipment. We have extensive experience of working with companies in the industry to ensure processes run smoothly. Amazon Filters is committed to reducing our own impact on the environment and we are also proud to play our part by providing solutions for the renewable energy market.

Our expertise in this area is wide ranging – from helping with the filtration of hydraulic fluid in wind turbine gearboxes, to manufacturing bespoke housings and filters for green hydrogen production. You can rely on us to provide the best solution for your renewable energy generation processes.

As a trusted supplier into these industries we have also been independently audited by AMRC (the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) and been granted 'Fit for' status for Nuclear , Hydrogen and Carbon Capture. 

Wind power

Wind power involves the generation of sustainable energy using wind turbines. Variations in temperature, caused by the weather, change the viscosity of the hydraulic oil in turbine gearboxes, and pushing high viscosity oil through filtration media can cause it to flex and deteriorate. Glass microfibre media is also often used, but is susceptible to fracture if flexed. This results in reduced efficiency and the oil can bypass the media and remain unfiltered. Particulate contamination in the gearbox will cause it to wear out and fail.

Amazon Filters has developed a bespoke melt blown structure to add to the existing filter pleat pack. This patented technology prevents the pleats from flexing, especially in cold weather and during turbine start-up, when oil is most viscous. 

Wind turbines at sea

Green hydrogen

Hydrogen is now being used as a method of energy storage, which can produce electricity. However, not all hydrogen production is green, only that using renewable energy sources. The hydrogen is used to store excess energy produced from wind or solar systems so it can be used when the sun isn’t out or the wind isn't blowing.

Efficient filtration and separation is a key part of green hydrogen production. There are applications for filtration in the traditional process, using potassium hydroxide electrolytes, and the process using polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysers.

The production of green hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using the alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) process, involves mixing water with potassium hydroxide to produce an efficient electrolyte. This electrolyte is caustic and can corrode the filter housings over time.

Amazon Filters has manufactured special bespoke housings and filters for filtering electrolyte to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Standard off-the-shelf housings are not suitable, so, working with a supplier that is experienced at designing corrosion-resistant housings is vital.

hydrogen pipeline to houses

Carbon capture

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an innovative way to help cut carbon emissions from the atmosphere, to tackle global warming and achieve 'net zero'. This term refers to a state whereby the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are balanced by their removal from it, and is the point at which global warming stops.

CCS can play a key role in this. It involves the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial processes or power generation, transporting it to a storage site, and then injecting it into rock formations deep underground for permanent storage. Filtration and separation are important in this process so that rock formations are not blocked by poorly conditioned gas. This can lead to significantly reduced CO2 capacity. Amazon Filters offers high-quality particulate filters and coalescing filters, which can be used for these procedures.

Power station


Biofuels are produced from organic matter and are liquid or gaseous transport fuels, such as bioethanol and biodiesel. They’re a renewable alternative to fossil fuels and are important in helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.

Filtration is a vital part of the process of creating biofuels, to ensure the final product meets specifications. It’s used to sterilise the air in the fermentation process as well as fermentation additives, and the final filtration/purification of the biodiesel.

Factory in field

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is a productive source of low-carbon, sustainable power. It emits 70 times less CO2 than coal, 40 times less than gas, four times less than solar energy, two times less than hydroelectricity, and the same amount as wind energy. 

Amazon Filters is a trusted supplier of solutions to the nuclear power industry. We've been granted Fit for Nuclear status by the Nuclear AMRC. This approval process involved benchmarking our performance against the standards demanded by the nuclear industry’s top tiers, and driving business improvements through a tailored action plan.

To find out more about the solutions we provide for the nuclear power industry, get in touch today.

Nuclear power station

Solve issues with bespoke filter housings

Our filter housings make the changeout process quick, safe, and repeatable. We know that an inappropriate design can be unreliable, unsafe, or cost time and money down the line. Plus, our filtration technology can help organisations further their own sustainability goals.

Our experts will design bespoke filter housings especially for the exact needs of your processes.


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