Guaranteeing process and quality to the final picolitre

The complex formulations of digital ink require very careful consideration of the filtration process.

In a fast-paced, technology driven industry, the pressure to develop and manufacture new specification inks in short time frames is always present. This means that working with a filtration partner who has the flexibility to support you in R&D as well as quickly develop and manufacturer bespoke filtration solutions is invaluable. Whether dye based or pigmented UV, Hybrid, water or solvent we are here to help

Just starting on your digital ink development journey

Just starting on your digital ink development journey?

If you are moving from the manufacture of traditional screen printing to investigating the development of a digital product line, we are here to help. Getting the filtration stage designed correctly at the beginning can shorten your time to market as well as maximising product margins.

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Suffering from Premature Blockage?

This can be both at your customers printer or during the manufacturing process of the bulk ink. Aggregating ink components, generation of microgels, variation in raw materials or simply an unstable formulation. All can play havoc with the filtration system and lead to costly rework, reject product or simply the expense, time and frustration of multiple filter changeouts. Let us help in designing a robust system to mitigate these potential negative influences.

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Suffering from Premature Blockage
Inconsistent Quality

Inconsistent Quality?

Post filtration quality checks via filterability testing can often show varying quality from batch to batch and potentially lead to rework or rejected product…but why? Quality problems can often be down to process control as well as filter design, the two need to work in harmony. Are you monitoring differential pressures and flowrates? These can have a huge impact on your process.

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Want to improve Health and Safety?

Multiple formulations and colours can mean frequent filter changeout of t changeouts with the associated potential exposure of ink to operator manufacturing personnel. Fully enclosed systems are available that contain the ink and filter in a disposable format. This limits operator exposure while also providing a means of re-using filters on multiple batches and improving profitability.

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Want to improve Health and Safety?
What micron rating should I select

What micron rating should I select?

The efficiency at a specified micron rating is often determined using standard ACFTD (test dust) in water.  This doesn’t often relate to the efficiency achieved when filtering complex digital ink formulations. We have instead assigned efficiency codes linked to the printhead technology. The idea is that the selection by printhead will guarantee there will be no blockage of the printhead nozzle.

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What Working With Amazon Filters Can Do For You

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