Digital ink filtration

Get guaranteed quality to the final picolitre.

Whether you’re looking for dye-based ink filtration, pigmented UV ink filtration, hybrid, water, or solvent, we’re here to help. At Amazon Filters, we can quickly develop and manufacture custom digital ink filtration solutions to your exact needs. Helping you overcome the challenges of complex formulations and quickly develop new specification inks.

Get started with digital ink development

Designing the digital ink filtration stage correctly from the start will shorten your time to market and maximise product margins. Whether you’re moving your ink manufacturing from traditional screen printing or developing a digital product line, we’re here to help.

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Prevent premature blockage in ink filtration

We’ll design a robust digital ink filtration system to mitigate the risks of ink blockage. From raw materials to unstable formulations, many factors can impact your digital ink filtration system.

  • Avoid multiple filter change-outs
  • Save time, expense, and frustration
  • Reduce chances of rejected product
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Talk to us about digital ink filtration

We know that complex formulations mean you must carefully consider the filtration process.
The experts at Amazon Filters can guide you at every step.

Improve ink filtration quality

Post filtration quality checks via filterability testing can often show varying quality from batch to batch and potentially lead to rework or rejected product. We’ll discover what could be impacting your digital ink process.

  • Enhance your digital ink process control
  • Find the correct digital ink filter design
  • Monitor different pressures and flowrates
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Strengthen health and safety

Digital inks require frequent filter changeouts that expose manufacturing personnel to ink. At Amazon Filters, we manufacture fully enclosed digital ink systems that contain the ink and filter in a disposable format.

  • Limit operator exposure
  • Re-use digital ink filters on multiple batches
  • Improve profitability
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What micron rating should I select?

An ACFTD (test dust) in water is usually used to test efficiency at a specified micron rating. Often, this doesn’t relate to the efficiency achieved when filtering complex digital ink formulations.

At Amazon Filters, we’ve assigned efficiency codes linked to the printhead technology. By selecting by printhead, you’ll reduce the risks of blockage in the printhead nozzle.

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Case study

Preventing nozzle blockage

We helped one tile manufacturer overcome the challenges of blockage for specialised digital ink. Discover how we solved their filtration issues.

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Case study

Creating a bespoke ink jet solution

The quality of printed products such as posters, packaging, or product materials is highly dependent on the quality of the ink used in the printing process. Find out how Amazon Filters designed a bespoke digital ink filtration solution for an ink jet manufacturer.

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Let’s get started

We’ll make sure you’re getting the best out of your digital ink filtration system.