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Pleated Filters

SupaPleat Plus Ink


SupaPleat Plus Ink

SupaPleat Plus Ink, absolute rated hybrid pleated depth cartridges have been developed in collaboration with manufacturers of bulk Digital ink.

The SupaPleat Plus Ink range combines highly efficient removal of microgels and defined dispersion classification with high flowrates and low pressure drops. This is achieved through a hybrid construction of pleated and depth technology in the same filter. Nine different media configuration including PP/GF combinations ensure a cost effective solution is available for every ink formulation.

Experience has shown that micron ratings assigned to filters based on standard methods such as ACFTD test dust do not correlate well with retention characteristics in complex ink systems. For this reason, grades have been assigned to the generic ink quality requirements of various printhead technologies. These can be used as a starting point for filter evaluation.

Features and Benefits

  • High-loft meltblown depth media provides superior retention of gels prevents blocking of fine nozzles on printhead
  • Multi layered media of varying efficiency provides excellent dispersion classification, maximising pigment transmission and therefore colour intensity
  • Rigid open pleat configuration maximises flow and throughput on more viscous inks lowering consumable costs
  • Absolute filter ratings provide a guarantee of ink quality. Print head performance is guaranteed
  • Available in small scale format for laboratory trials. Allows the optimum filtration solution to be validated before implementing in production

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