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Production managers

The better way to improve your production environment and targets.

Procurement teams

Meet delivery and cost expectations with one supplier.

Quality control

Exceed product standards. Never compromise on quality.

Process engineers

Guidance, resources, and cost-effective filtration solutions.

Research and development

Time and understanding to help deliver your project.

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Whether you want to optimise the filtration process, improve final product purity, or reduce consumable costs – we can assist you today.

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Case study

Supporting off-shore diesel filtration

After redesigning a 'high flow' cartridge for a major oil & gas operator, positive feedback was instant.

Now, we're the chosen long-term supplier of filters for the operator.

Why Amazon Filters?

For over 35 years, our team of experts has designed, manufactured, and installed innovative filtration solutions that go beyond any competitor’s standard.

Today, we’re Europe’s leading filter manufacturer with capacity and capabilities worldwide.

Supported by years of industry knowledge, we deliver high-quality, reliable, and accredited filtration solutions to your exact specifications.

We help you focus on producing high-quality products and services, and worry less about the filtration process.


Exceptional project turn-around times


Competitive, cost-effective pricing


Industry leading technology

Get lifelong value from your filtration system

Every day, we deliver quality filtration solutions – made with care to your exact standards.