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Water filtration for buildings

Control your environment with our efficient water filtration solutions.

Ensuring the health and welfare of a building's inhabitants is an important factor of facilities management. With our efficient water filtration for buildings, such as heating and cooling water circuits, you can keep your environment under control.

Maintain building temperature control

Improve the temperature control processes in your building with our side stream filtration systems. Side stream filters process 5-15% of the main water circuit flow to remove suspended solids and chemically treated biomass.

By removing biomass from your environmental control systems, you’ll reduce abrasive wear and tear and improve the long-term condition of heat exchangers and valves.


Get the foundation for effective water filtration for buildings

Our water filtration solutions for buildings can be made-to-order for your exact needs. 
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Control biofouling in your system

Biofouling in your side stream filter can significantly reduce its operating lifetime. Our side stream filters contain anti-microbials that prevent microbial growth within the filter matrix.

This helps you get the most value from your water filtration system while reducing maintenance time and operational costs.

Side stream pipeline
modern city buildings
Case study

Using side stream filters to improve climate control

How did Amazon Filters help to achieve accurate temperature control at the headquarters of one high-profile European business?

Discover the unique challenges of this project and more in our case study.

waterfront city
Case study

Protecting chilled water &  low temperature hot water circuits

Amazon Filters was asked to design side stream systems in a prestigious building. Our bespoke solution had to protect important chilled water and low temperature hot water circuits.

Discover how we designed a custom-built solution and delivered it in a short period of time. 

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