Process Water

While the incoming municipal water entering a factory is of high quality, many industries require further purification of the water to ensure suitability for downstream processes.

The water treatment plant includes purification steps such as RO/UF and UV whose performance can be greatly affected if the quality of the incoming water is not controlled adequately. We have extensive experience working with OEM’s and operators of critical utilities ensuring the water quality is maintained 24/7.

Process Water

UV Disinfection not performing as specified?

Increase in turbidity and the presence of particulates can cause ‘shadowing’ leading to the possibility that full UV penetration of microbial contamination is not attained. The selection of the correct pre and post filtration to the UV step will guarantee disinfection to specification in addition to collecting treated biomass.

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RO and UF membrane suffering from degradation?

Incoming municipal water can often have significant levels of Chlorine to ensure microbial control up to the point of entry in the building. These levels can cause degradation and subsequent costly replacement of membrane systems. We can help in calculating the optimum surface area of carbon required to dechlorinate while maintaining adequate process flow. Various forms of carbon are available depending on application requirements.

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Boiler Condensate

Bioburden Build Up in recirculation systems?

The continuous move from solvent-based to water-based coatings and cleaning systems means that the processes involving recirculating systems can often suffer from microbial growth and the consequent biofouling of filtration systems. This can lead to premature blinding and blockage of the filters with the consequent increased operational costs due to increased filter usage, production downtime and resources required to implement the change out. Innovative depth filters are available which incorporate anti-microbial and anti-algae active substances to prevent this biofouling and improve production costs and quality.

How Anti-microbial Filters Work


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Do you need to guarantee sterility at point of use?

Many processes in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beverages require sterility of the water at the point of use. Installing the correct sterilising grade filter is critical. However, what can be even more important is designing the appropriate pipework layout to eliminate dead legs and ensure steam sterilisation is repeatedly effective while not damaging the filter itself. We can assist in filters selection as well as general installation design to eliminate costly sterility failure.

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