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Process water

Water filtration solutions that meet the demands for high-quality process water.

Even where incoming municipal water is high-quality, many industries require it to be purified further so it's suitable for downstream processes. While you might already have purification steps such as RO/UF and UV, if you don't properly control incoming water, it might affect your processes.

At Amazon Filters, we have extensive experience working with OEMs and operators of critical utilities. We make sure water quality is maintained 24/7 with expert water filtration solutions.

Protection for UV disinfection 

Are your UV disinfection methods not performing? Get the correct pre and post-filtration to the UV step to improve and guarantee disinfection to your exact specifications.

Our process water filtration also overcomes the problems of turbidity, particulates, and microbial contamination.

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Reduce degradation of RO membranes

Chlorine in municipal water can degrade your membrane filter systems, which can be costly to replace.

We can help calculate the optimum volume of carbon required to dechlorinate water while maintaining adequate process flow. Various grades of carbon are available depending on your application requirements.

Activated Carbon Filters


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Get high-quality process water treatment from leading experts

At Amazon Filters, we're Europe's leading developer of bespoke water filtration solutions. To get a process water solution for your exact needs, talk to us today.

Prevent the formation of biofilms on your process filters

Our innovative depth filters for process water incorporate anti-microbial and anti-algae active substances to prevent biofilm build-up. This saves you operational costs by reducing filter usage, production downtime, and the need for filter change out.

This isn't just economical. You’ll also improve process water quality by reducing microbial growth caused by continuous movement from solvent-based to water-based coatings and cleaning systems.

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Guarantee process water sterility at point of use

Many processes in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and beverages require water sterility at the point of use. Installing the correct sterilising grade filter is critical.

However, it's important to design the appropriate pipework layout to eliminate dead legs and ensure steam sterilisation is repeatedly effective, while not damaging the filter itself. We can assist in filter selection and general installation design to eliminate costly sterilisation failure.

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