Upstream processing

Increase the efficiency of your filtration for upstream processing with our innovative solutions.

We know that effective water treatment is often underestimated in oil and gas production. Algae and plankton blooms, silts, and other sediments can significantly impact your upstream processing performance. Discover how our cost-effective upstream filtration solutions can help.

Boost coalescer performance

Are you confident your downstream separation stage is optimised? We work using theoretical first principles in conjunction with years of design experience and empirical data to ensure separation performance is guaranteed.


Get fast upstream filter replacements

Our UK-based manufacturing plant runs 24/7, letting us respond to your emergencies quickly. Whether stock error, high usage rates, transport failures, or any other threat, we’ll help you avoid the costs and damage of downtime.


Streamline your filtration for upstream processing.

At Amazon Filters, we’re leaders in filtration systems for the oil and gas industry. Get in touch with us today and start optimising your upstream processing filtration. 

Improve your produced water quality

Our industry-leading filtration solutions remove solids and oil from the water stream, either to meet environmental limits or the requirements of the injection wells.

Our technologies include disposable and cleanable solids cartridge solutions, high-efficiency coalescers, and oil adsorptive guard filters.


Solve issues with custom filter housings

You need filter housings that make the change out process quick, safe, and repeatable. We know that an inappropriate design can be unreliable, unsafe, or cost time and money down the line.

Our experts can design bespoke filter housings especially for the exact needs of your upstream systems.


Protect seawater membranes

Our depth filters include micron-sized particles containing active silver, zinc, and copper that combats algae and bacteria growth. By suppressing the growth of captured organic material, you’ll avoid costly and premature membrane replacement.  

We can size and select technology for your exact needs and deliver cost savings for both new and existing installations.

Case study

Filtering sulphate in corrosive seawater

For a major package provider, corrosive seawater negatively impacted the filtration process. This caused frequent filter change-outs, extraneous costs, and frequent maintenance.

Our expert team devised a robust solution, providing long-term value for our client.

Case study

Providing diesel filtration in offshore Africa

Amazon Filters supported a major oil and gas operator with their diesel filtration. The project had tight time and cost requirements, challenging us to provide a high-quality solution quickly.

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Let’s get started

We’ll make sure you’re getting the best out of your filtration for upstream processing.