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Downstream processing

Ensure optimal performance with our downstream filtration solutions.

Our downstream filtration solutions are based on dead-end and coalescing technologies. This gives your process optimum performance by eliminating instances of particulate and liquid contamination in feed streams. Discover how our experts can support your downstream processing today.

Reduce downstream particulate contamination

At Amazon Filters, we can implement a cost-effective and robust solution that reduces instances of particulate contamination. Especially across your key processes, such as amine sweetening, glycol dehydration, and your catalyst bed.


Eliminate compatibility issues in downstream

We manufacture our own pressure vessels and downstream filters in-house. This gives us greater flexibility to supply products in any configuration or material you require. Including duplex, super duplex, 316 carbon steel lined with rubber, vinyl ester, and glass flake. Our filters can be manufactured from polypropylene, nylon, polyester, halar, and stainless steel to ensure compatibility.


Streamline your filtration for downstream processing.

At Amazon Filters, we’re leaders in filtration systems for the oil and gas industry. Get in touch with us today and start optimising your downstream process filtration. 

Improve coalescer performance

Are you confident your downstream separation stage is optimised? We work using theoretical first principles in conjunction with years of design experience and empirical data to ensure separation performance is guaranteed.


Strengthen health and safety in downstream processing

Minimise exposure to high pressures, temperatures, and corrosive chemicals with our expertly designed filter housings. Our containment systems and safety features prevent opening under pressure, improving the health and safety of your personnel.


Get downstream powder filtration

Black powder is a common form of contamination in downstream processing. Our Contour Gas cartridges are specially engineered to remove black powder entrained in gas transmission lines.

Tested to exceed specifications provided by the oil majors, Contour Gas cartridges will protect your downstream processes and monitoring equipment. High flow cartridges are also suitable for removing other particulates in pressurised gas lines.

Case study

Providing diesel filtration in offshore Africa

Amazon Filters supported a major oil and gas operator with their diesel filtration. The project had tight time and cost requirements, challenging us to provide a high-quality solution quickly.

Case study

Filtering sulphate in corrosive seawater

For a major packaging supplier, corrosive seawater negatively impacted the filtration process. This caused frequent filter change-outs, extraneous costs, and frequent maintenance.

Our expert team devised a robust solution, providing long-term value for our client.

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We’ll make sure you’re getting the best out of your filtration for downstream processing.