Power generation

Optimise energy production in your plant with industry leading condensate filtration solutions from Amazon Filters.

Precision-engineered filtration solutions for energy production

Solve complex filtration challenges and reduce downtime in your power plant. Our high-quality condensate filtration systems fit seamlessly into your processes to provide effective and dependable filtration for steam and renewable energy plants.

We'll help you find the right filtration solution for all your power generation requirements.

Steam power plants

Maximise your power output and cut costs with condensate filtration solutions you can depend on. We combine technical expertise and extensive industry experience to provide high-quality water  and gas purification at every stage of the power generation process.

Our filtration solutions comply with the latest regulatory requirements to boost efficiency and protect power plant staff. With our highly effective filtration solutions, you can minimise contaminants, reduce downtime, and avoid disruption.

Thermal power station

Green and renewable energy

We offer innovative solutions for the renewable energy industry, including wind, green hydrogen, biofuels, carbon capture, and nuclear power. Our expertise is wide ranging – from helping with the filtration of hydraulic fluid in wind turbine gearboxes to manufacturing housings and filters for hydrogen production. 


Solve issues with bespoke filter housings

Make your change out process quick, safe, and repeatable with Amazon Filters. 
We know that an unsuitable design can be unreliable, unsafe, and cost you time and money. That’s why our experts design bespoke filter housings to meet your needs.

Hydrogen production
Case study

Maintaining efficiency of green hydrogen production

Amazon Filters supported a multinational electrolysis plant and equipment supplier, by providing a solution for the filtration of chlor-alkali electrolyte in green hydrogen production. 

We developed an optimised filtration system comprising a filter housing using an ETFE coating on all wetted surfaces. Following successful testing, we are now supplying housings containing 31 * 40" special filter cartridges for each of the 20MW modular electrolysers.

Wind turbine
Case study

Reducing the failure rate of wind turbine gearboxes

A global supplier of filtration solutions for wind turbines approached us to support their work on wind turbine gearboxes.

Our client was experiencing damage to their pleated filters during servicing and maintenance and asked us to find a solution to reduce pleat movement during turbine operation. We developed a bespoke melt blown structure to add to the client's existing filter pleat pack. Our innovative technology used to solve this issue now has a European patent.

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What working with Amazon Filters can do for you

By shifting the focus to lifetime savings, you can ensure consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

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