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Oil and gas filtration

Discover our capabilities for bespoke oil, gas, and petrochemical filtration solutions.


We know that filtration for oil, gas, or petrochemicals comes with many challenges. Each process or fluid has specific needs. Poorly designed filtration systems can cause unneeded downtime and costs, and these things often go unchallenged. At Amazon Filters, we’ll work with you to solve these challenges, optimise your oil and gas filtration, and reduce your OPEX.

Upstream for oil and gas

We have over 30 years of experience designing bespoke gas processing and water treatment solutions. Whether protecting SRP membranes, ensuring the quality of injection and produced water, or removing entrained liquid in your gas stream, we’re here to help.

Midstream for oil and gas

Looking to optimise your midstream oil and gas processes? Our filtration solutions combine industry best practices and decades of design experience to keep your transmission lines clean, maximise performance, improve product purity, and minimise costs.

Downstream for oil and gas

To refine oil and gas, you need effective processes and equipment. Particulate and liquid contamination in feed streams can affect these operations. Our downstream filtration solutions are based on dead-end and coalescing filtration technology to overcome these problems.

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