What to look for in gas filtration technology

2nd Feb 2021

To ensure the smooth operation of gas and oil production processes, it is essential to remove any entrained hydrocarbon or water aerosols and droplets from your process gas streams. Ineffective removal can lead to severe disruption to production, or could cause significant lost revenue due to catastrophic failure of downstream equipment or substantial decreases in process efficiencies. 

Your filtration technology is key to avoiding this. However, not all filters are well-designed.

The most significant challenge a gas production operator can face is disruption of day-to-day processes, and poor filter technology is like a ticking time bomb, waiting to cause major disruption.

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The implications of poor filtration for gas production

Many oil and gas producers encounter problems such as poor performance or failure to meet technical requirements that threaten the integrity of the filtration process. For example, filters that are inappropriately designed, or don’t fit the choice, sizing and installation requirements of a project.

These small issues can quickly become a costly and unmanageable headache for your project teams, especially when you don’t have any on-hand support from the original manufacturer.

From the maintenance downtime to fix the issue to potentially replacing a filter altogether, choosing the wrong filter manufacturer to design and install a filter solution will only cause problems down the line. 

What are the most common filtration problems?

  • Poorly designed housing
  • Reduction of cartridge operational life
  • Wrong filter choice
  • Inadequate sizing
  • Poor installation
  • Lack of manufacturer support

So, what should you consider when choosing a solution, and an effective filter manufacturer?

Four qualities to look for in a filtration solution

Each oil and gas producer will have its own specific requirements for filtration technology. However, there are four key qualities to look for which greatly impact the longevity of your chosen filtration media. 

1. A bespoke filtration solution

An out-of-the-box filter won't be enough to support filtration for gas production. When a filter manufacturer can assist with filter choice, sizing, and installation, it means that no detail will be missed. Your manufacturer can work with you to deliver the most appropriate housing and filter design, helping to guarantee performance from the moment of installation.  

Also, an experienced filter manufacturer will be able to support your project with a custom solution. This not only ensures your filtration processes will run smoothly to your specifications, but will also streamline operations and maintenance.

2. Coalescing filter technology 

SupaSep LGP is a high-performance filter that uses glass microfibre media to rapidly coalesce fine aerosols into larger droplets ready for separation. It can be supplied in a bespoke housing, or as a consumable retrofit for filter products.

When choosing a filtration solution for your gas processing, filtration media that uses coalescing filter technology will help you strengthen processes, guarantee final product purity, and protect equipment for the long-term. At Amazon Filters, we have designed our coalescing filter for gas solution, SupaSep LGP, in partnership with leading academic experts in coalescing technology, so the reliability and quality of our filter is guaranteed.

How does a coalescing filter protect equipment and improve efficiency for your gas stream processes?

  • Meltblown drainage layer and anti-re-entrainment zone
    A meltblown drainage layer prevents the risk of ballooning and the subsequent re-entrainment of liquids. Because the drainage layers are also bonded to the pleats, it prevents pleat movement and reduces the chance of damage to the GF media. This reduces the chance of your equipment breaking over time, allowing you to get the most out of both your chosen solution and your existing equipment. 

  • Inter pleat microfibres
    Inter pleat microfibres accelerate draining of coalesced liquid. This means that larger volumes of liquid can be separated, improving efficiency for your process gas streams. It also stops flow interruption from affecting the operation of differential pressures, streamlining and reducing the complexity of processes.

3. Technical expertise

A coalescer cartridge is useless if installed without the appropriate housing. A reputable filter manufacturer will design both filter media and housings as part of the complete filtration solution, not just one or the other. This ensures your coalescing technology works correctly, and facilitates easier maintenance, such as regular filter cartridge change-outs or easy access to internals, helping save time for your project teams. 

Additionally, an experienced filter manufacturer will often have technical experts work directly with your business to support your project. They can better understand how you will use the equipment, including vital interactions between the filter cartridge and housing. 

4. Manufacturer support

Waiting for support when something goes wrong can be costly. When choosing a solution, consider the support you will receive from your chosen filter manufacturer, from initial project delivery to long-term equipment support or technical expertise. 

A supportive filter manufacturer will take into account every factor that might affect your project, from quick turn-around times and project delivery expectations to cost efficiency and more. And, they'll be able to fulfil your expectations for installing the solution too. 

Before settling on a solution, consider whether your chosen manufacturer can meet your expectations for the following:

  • Project delivery expectations
  • Long-term customer support
  • Technical expertise
  • Industry knowledge 

Reduce long-term costs with innovative filtration for gas

An effective filtration solution can help to save your gas production company up to 20% savings in annual consumable costs when compared to leading competitor solutions. And considering that the costs of maintaining an inadequate solution are proven to rise year-on-year, it's time to make the switch.

Avoid the disruption of poor design and installation. Learn more about coalescing filter technology, designed and supported by Europe's leader in filter manufacturing. 

Discover SupaSep LGP


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