1st Jul 2021

The 3 key benefits of custom process filtration

Efficient and effective filtration plays a critical role in ensuring the quality of your final product. So it's important your business gets it right. However, when you're stuck using generic or standard process filtration solutions, you might not be getting the most from your setup. In many cases, you might need to compromise equipment design for specific filter cartridge sizes or configurations. Or you could be missing out on filter functionality opportunities you didn't know existed.

So, how beneficial are custom process filtration solutions, and how can the right manufacturer strengthen and support the filtration process?

The 3 benefits of custom process filtration 

1. Optimised processes

Sometimes generic filtration solutions aren’t enough to address complex requirements. Across all industries, many companies require unique filter formats or media configurations. In your business, you may be using a filtration system that isn’t giving you the best value.

A manufacturer who offers custom filtration solutions will work with you to find the best fit. Even if that includes testing different materials and filtration processes until you achieve the best outcome. Standard filtration manufacturers don’t have the time and resources to do this. They might easily supply you with a solution, but is it the best one possible?

In many cases, the filtration process is not optimised. The right manufacturer can conduct a filterability study on a filtration system to see what’s working well, what isn’t, and how to improve the process. Without optimisation, there could be variability in the final product. Or you might not be getting full capacity out of your filters.

2. Flexibility

If you're not looking for a completely new filtration system, but rather a solution that works with your existing one, things can get more complex. It can be difficult to find filtration equipment that not only works – but works well. Supplying solutions for existing systems is something that every standard filtration manufacturer can do, but not all of them have the technical expertise to do it well.

When you work with a filtration manufacturer that specialises in custom solutions, they have the time and resources to produce filtration equipment that works with your existing system. This includes everything from getting to the heart of your filtration problem, creating a custom solution, and testing to long-term support. Because they have a flexible approach to manufacturing, it’s easier to supply a solution even if it's complex.

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3. Bespoke housings

Filter housings are vital to keeping your operations running smoothly and safely. But finding the right filter housing for custom solutions can be a challenge. Especially if your business or industry has complex requirements. Many standard manufacturers of filtration equipment won’t design filter housings to the exact specifications of a custom filter.

With a bespoke filtration solutions manufacturer, you can get made-to-order filter housings that complement your custom filtration solution. Filter housings can be designed with ‘plug and play’ functionality, including the exact space or port length you need. Most standard filtration manufacturers don't offer bespoke housings alongside custom solutions, so consider this when choosing your supplier.

At Amazon Filters, we have the expert capabilities to design bespoke housings. Take a look at our video to learn more:


Get started with made-to-order process filtration

Using custom process filtration gives your business more control over how you optimise your filtration system. Also, you'll benefit from the long-term value of expertly designed, bespoke solutions. Learn more about how Amazon Filters can design custom process filtration systems for your specific needs today. 

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