Chemicals and coatings
27th Jul 2021

Infographic – filtration for chemicals and coatings: 4 innovations

Filtration of chemicals and coatings can be incredibly challenging. To achieve consistent performance, highly rigid filter systems are essential. However, resin-bonded cartridge (RBC) filters have typically been the only way to obtain this extra level of rigidity. Unfortunately, they come at the cost of inconsistent quality, safety issues, and risk of contamination. 

Our latest infographic looks at some of the new filtration technology that's helping to provide the right rigidity without the health, performance, and safety risks of RBC filters. 

The innovations in filtration technology

In the past, manufacturers have relied on highly rigid filter systems to handle harsh processing conditions like thick viscosity, extreme heat, and increasingly volatile chemicals, solvents, and resins

Until recently, RBCs have satisfied this demand. But, with growing safety concerns, variable performance, and a high risk of fibre shedding into the filtrate, they've left many manufacturers wanting more out of their filter systems.

Our infographic explores the new, exciting innovations that are providing a cleaner, safer filtration process for chemicals and coatings. You'll discover some of the challenges of chemical filtration, learn about the latest advancements in technology, and find out why VisClear II is the perfect replacement for resin-bonded cartridges

View the infographic

The infographic includes:

  • 3 challenges that make chemicals and coatings so harsh on filters
  • 3 major issues with RBCs 
  • 4 exciting innovations that improve the filtration process

View our infographic and find out why innovations in filtration technology are helping to provide better, more consistent results. 



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