6th Apr 2021

How to get more out of your filter manufacturer

Why do you stay with your current filtration manufacturer?

Perhaps you’re working with a big name in the industry and assume they’re the safest option. Or you’re worried that changing supplier won’t be worth the cost and time investment. Or maybe your supplier offers a perfectly adequate service and you see no reason to seek an alternative.

But is ‘adequate’ good enough if they could be doing more to support your filtration process? Working with very inflexible and corporate manufacturers often comes with challenges that affect the quality of the service you receive.

The 3 biggest frustrations of working with filter manufacturers

1. You get what’s available, but not exactly what you need

Most filter manufacturers will offer a diverse portfolio of filtration media and technology. Delivering such a large catalogue of solutions at scale is no easy feat. That’s why many manufacturers mass-produce generic solutions to meet demand.

This is an adequate solution if you’re looking to buy an assembly-line product. But if you need something more bespoke that better fits your specific filtration needs, it’s far from ideal.

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2. You need a solution fast – yet the response time is slow

Your filtration provider might offer you a wide array of standard products that you can buy off the shelf. However, because those products are mass-produced in batches, when a batch runs out, it can be a long time before that product is back in stock.

When you have an urgent demand for a particular product, you don’t want to be left waiting months for it to become available. But the unwieldy nature of a corporate manufacturer’s supply chain can result in slow response times at the most inconvenient moments.

3. You can’t access the right expertise

Some large-scale organisations work in silos. They don't have the structure in place to connect you with an expert when you need it. The people working in these organisations often lack expertise on anything that’s not a standard product or doesn’t fall within their department.

What’s more, the siloed nature of these companies leaves support staff unsure about who does have the knowledge to answer a particular query. So, you end up being passed between half a dozen people trying to get the answer to a single question.

What should you expect from a filter manufacturer?

Pointing out the challenges of working with corporate manufacturers is one thing. But what does the alternative look like?

Your filtration partner should offer the range of standard products you expect. But they should also be able to provide bespoke, custom filters that are built to your needs.

What we’re talking about here is flexibility. You need a partner that can both stay responsive to customer demand, but also takes unexpected or urgent requests in real-time. Filtration partners that have an agile and flexible approach to manufacturing will deliver the solutions you need, when you need them. If the products available don’t quite meet your needs, they should be able to suggest or create alternative solutions that do.

A top-tier filtration partner will also offer approachable and fast customer support. This means all their internal teams will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to give you a speedy response to any query you have. If senior management needs to get involved, they should be readily accessible to offer their advice – not locked away behind layers of corporate hierarchy.

It’s time to start demanding more

The level of service you receive from your filtration manufacturer matters. You could settle for ‘good enough’, but there are so many benefits to working with a partner that can give you more.

So, ask yourself – is your filtration partner doing enough to support your business? Are they offering the flexibility, fast turnaround, access to expertise and excellent customer service that you deserve? If the answer is no, it might be time to consider a change.

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