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Complete sterility with unrivalled contaminant control.

Prevent contamination at all costs. As the fermentation process becomes more complex, the potential risk for contamination ingress has never been higher.

Filtration plays a key role alongside basic aseptic design, sterilisation and sanitisation regimes. So, whether your fermentation process uses small bioreactors or large industrial scale fermenters, we'll help you reduce contamination while maximising your productivity.

Control pH contamination

Strong acids and bases have been shown to support microbial contaminants. Fermenter additions such as phosphoric acid can harbour spores that proliferate quickly inside a fermenter. We provide compatible sterilising grade filtration to eliminate this problem.


Tackle the challenge of sterilising antifoam

Heat sterilisation of antifoams is common but causes problems.

The viscous nature of antifoams such as PPG and the dry heat process means that complete sterilisation is often not achieved. High temperatures also lead to degradation of the antifoam and lower efficacy.

Our sterile filtration solutions are a viable alternative to ensure sterilisation without compromise.



Get industry-leading fermentation control

We're Europe's leading developer of bespoke fermentation filtration solutions. We can work with your pre-existing cartridges or housings from all major manufacturers giving you complete flexibility. Whatever your needs, Amazon Filters is here for you.

Optimise your fermentation process without the cost

The desire to maximise yields and shorten fermentation times often leads to the gradual increase of VVM to each fermenter.

This can lead to air starvation and the possibility of having to invest in new compressors. To mitigate this, we replace existing pre and sterile inlet air filters to significantly reduce the differential pressure and free up capacity in your compressed air generation.


What working with Amazon Filters can do for you

Our focus is delivering lifetime savings. We guarantee consistent, high-quality output without impairing production; all whilst improving your bottom line.

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Zero annual contaminations and maximised productivity are within your reach.