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Chemicals, solvents, and resins filtration

Get optimum contamination control across your process filtration.

Whether you’re looking for a chemical filters manufacturer, solvent filtration, or resins filtration – we’re here to help. From highly viscous resins to volatile solvents, we have a viable filtration solution for all applications. At Amazon Filters, health and safety are the key drivers behind all our designs. We’re always evolving our chemical filtration solutions to reduce operator exposure and minimise risks.

Explosion prevention for filtration systems

Highly volatile chemicals can cause problems across containment, compatibility, and also the generation of static. This explosive risk is mitigated by developing the appropriate housing and filter configuration for materials and flow velocities. We also design our chemical filtration solutions with ATEX certification.


Filtration for high viscosity mastics and sealants

If you’re working with highly viscous materials such as PVC sealants, waxes, and mastics in the automotive industry, high-pressure systems are required for their application. Filtration of these products is vital to prevent blockage of the gun nozzles. At Amazon Filters, we’ve developed specialised filtration solutions to overcome these problems.

  • Address the unique challenges of 70,000 – 100,000 cP viscosities
  • Get high strength stainless steel cartridges installed in housings
  • Housings rated up to 350 bar

Looking for a chemical filters manufacturer?

At Amazon Filters, we’re leaders in filtration systems for chemicals, solvents, and resins. Get in touch with us today and start optimising your chemical filtration process.

Prevent compatibility issues in filter housings

Processing bulk and fine chemicals is often about the suitability of filters and housing materials. We manufacture our filter housings to provide flexible designs using Duplex, Super Duplex, C22 and 316L stainless steel. Amazon Filters also offers:

  • PTFE, rubber, and glass flake solutions to enhance compatibility
  • Robust surface treatments such as Tantaline conferred through chemical vapour deposition

Read more about these two applications here:

Tantaline housings   Fluoropolymer coatings


High viscosity resin filtration solutions

Whether you need filtration for high temperatures, high viscosity, or chemically challenging issues, many choose resin-bonded cartridges (RBCs). These cartridges provide the rigidity you need. The phenolic resins used in the manufacture of RBC's can also pose significant health concerns for those operators involved in their production.

  • VisClear II is an enhanced replacement for all applications that use old technology RBC filters
Case study

Improving process economics & operator safety

How did Amazon Filters help a leading manufacturer of fluoropolymer coatings to implement new filtration technology into their production facility? Discover how we improved health and safety, reduced costs, and reduced environmental impact.

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