17th May 2024

The value of 'plug-and-play' filtration for UK water companies

UK water companies should ensure ‘plug-and-play’ filtration units are readily available for potential emergencies.

Our message comes after traces of the waterborne parasite cryptosporidium were found in the public water supply in south Devon, causing illness among some consumers and the need for deliveries of bottled water.  

We provide containerised plug-and-play systems as part of our range of critical filtration solutions for the water industry.

In emergency situations, plug-and-play filtration skids can be offered on a rental basis.

The mobile units are equipped with multiple housing vessels and filter cartridges which can go straight into action on site. Cartridges validated for cryptosporidium removal are available.

As well as combating cryptosporidium, our solutions help with turbidity control, chlorine reduction and the removal of iron, manganese and other contaminants and chemicals.

Among the Amazon Filters products commonly used in the water industry is SupaSpun II, an absolute-rated depth filter that is on the approved list for use in the public water supply under the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s Regulation 31. 

Neil Pizzey, Amazon Filters Managing Director, said: “We have made and supplied filtration solutions to the water industry in the UK and Europe for nearly 40 years.

“Our products and equipment enable water companies to guarantee a consistent, cost-effective level of quality for safety and regulatory compliance.

“This message has only become more prescient with the scrutiny that the water sector is under due to the extreme weather events we’re seeing, whether flooding or drought.

“Sudden, unexpected conditions can easily overwhelm the essential infrastructure behind the water supply.

“Water quality management is all about resilience and strategic planning and what we do is use our ‘quick and able’ manufacturing capability to help companies guarantee a consistent level of quality for safety and regulatory compliance.

“Our aim is to help them safeguard precious water resources right the way through from source to tap.”

Based on flow rates and projections, cartridge filtration from Amazon Filters has seen more than 350 billion litres of water filtered by UK water companies in the past year, ensuring a safe, clean and consistent supply to tens of millions of homes and businesses.

For more information on our support for the municipal water sector, visit www.amazonfilters.com/water-filtration.

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