22nd Feb 2021


We are making a series of improvements to product packaging under our ongoing policy to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Three significant changes, to be implemented in a phased approach, follow rigorous testing to ensure the new materials involved do not impact on safe and secure delivery to customers.

Firstly, we will be replacing PVC tape with paper tape across all our products and box types - replacing over 3,000 rolls of tape a year. 

Secondly, we are replacing expanded PU foam void fill with paper packing in our SupaPore module boxes.

And thirdly we are replacing plastic bubble wrap with paper packing for void filling in Single Open End multi-cartridge boxes.

We have informed our distributors and channel partners, and the purchasing, logistics and distribution contacts at customer companies.

As part of our wider environmental policy we are already proud to hold the international standard ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability.

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