5th Jun 2020

French pharma order underlines Amazon Filters' rapid turnaround capacity

French pharma order underlines Amazon Filters’ rapid turnaround capacity

Recent investment in production capacity has enabled us to respond to an urgent filter order from a global biopharmaceutical provider.

The Paris-headquartered healthcare company required hundreds of filter cartridges to help with a solvent filtration process used in API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturing.

While a large corporate filter manufacturer quoted a lead time of three months, we were able to move much quicker and agree bulk delivery within two weeks.

The order, through one of our specialist distributors, was for 350 SupaPore PPG pre-filter cartridges.

These pleated depth filters are used at a microfiltration level in many liquid processing and chemical synthesis applications.

In the pharmaceuticals sector, they support the complex, multi-step chemistry involved in the production of drugs and medications, whether in tablet, suspension or liquid forms.

Neil Pizzey, Amazon Filters Managing Director, said: “Thanks to our production team and recent investments in factory capacity, we have the ability to supply critical industries with urgent requirements.

“In addition, to stay ahead of the Covid crisis we were quick to engage with our supply chain, increase raw material stocks as required and deploy sensible measures to allow safe working practices in our production areas.

“This has been backed up with an incredible level of commitment from our staff to find solutions to the challenges associated with changing working practices and the need to cover virus-related absence.

“We are proud that throughout this period we have continued to supply customers globally without any significant increases in our lead time, and have stepped up to meet a series of urgent pandemic related requirements when others have been unable to.

“Satisfying this particular pharmaceuticals contract demonstrates one of our core values: ‘Quick and Able’.

“This is our ability as a trusted supplier to respond to urgent orders including, in this case, ensuring vital healthcare products are available for research or sale.” 

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